Pentax MX-1 review: High-end compact with retro appeal delivers competitive sensor performance

By Janice Chen - Thursday February 28 2013

Sensor Review
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A worthy new entry among high-end, enthusiast compacts

Pentax MX-1
Pentax MX-1

DxOMark testing reveals that the Pentax MX-1 is a serious challenger to the established high-end compacts. With an Overall Score of 49, it’s among the top scoring compact cameras selling for under $500, rivaling proven performers like the popular Canon PowerShot S110, which sells for $449.99 (and its predecessor the S100) and the Panasonic DMC-LX7 ($449.99). The MX-1 performed competitively across the board, with a Portrait Score of 20.4 bits and a Landscape Score of 11.3 Evs, and stood out particularly for its low-light performance with Sports Score of 208 ISO, which was the best score among compact cameras selling for less than $500.