Pentax Q10 review – Is smaller better?

By David Newton - Tuesday February 12 2013

Sensor Review
Introduction | Pentax Q10 sensor performance | Pentax Q10 versus competition | Conclusion

The Pentax Q10 puts in a reasonable performance, but there has not been significant enough improvement in image quality since the Pentax Q to make it a worthwhile upgrade. If you’re looking for a first camera within this segment, and are not drawn to having the very smallest hybrid camera, then there are better performing cameras available at a similar price point. Finally, if you’re undecided between the best high-end compact cameras or a hybrid camera, then in our comparison here, your choice will be whether you want fractionally higher image quality, the compact models, or the benefits that come with interchangeable lenses – the Pentax Q10. The other benefit of the Q10 is the recently added K-mount adaptor that allows older Pentax lenses to be used with the Q10. If you have a collection of older lenses, then this may well help sway your decision.