RED Epic Dragon review: First camera to break the 100-point DxOMark sensor score barrier!

By Kevin Carter - Monday March 03 2014

Sensor Review
Introduction | Overall score: Epic Dragon takes first place (101 points) | Dynamic range and color depth: First place in both categories (14.8Ev, 26.5 Bits) | Low Light ISO: 10th place (ISO 2745) | Nikon D800 vs Red Epic Dragon | Specification | In Depth Analysis | Conclusion

Low-light capabilities of the Dragon sensor are excellent, beating the full-frame Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 and RX1R at ISO 2534 and 2537, respectively. Despite the huge gains made by RED with this sensor, the Sony A7R, Canon EOS-1Dx, Nikon D600 / 610, D4 and D800 are all ahead of the Epic Dragon in this category, albeit not by much. Given the physically smaller size of the Dragon sensor and the lack of analog gain, this score is still a huge achievement.