RED Epic Dragon review: First camera to break the 100-point DxOMark sensor score barrier!

By Kevin Carter - Monday March 03 2014

Sensor Review
Introduction | Overall score: Epic Dragon takes first place (101 points) | Dynamic range and color depth: First place in both categories (14.8Ev, 26.5 Bits) | Low Light ISO: 10th place (ISO 2745) | Nikon D800 vs Red Epic Dragon | Specification | In Depth Analysis | Conclusion

With a 5-point lead over the Nikon D800E which was the previous best-performing sensor in our database, the Epic Dragon achieves the highest DxOMark score we’ve seen to date, at 101 points. Given that the Dragon is the new reference for sensor quality, it’s all the more impressive when you consider both its size (similar to an APS-H size sensor) and the fact that it shoots ultra-high frame rates at full resolution.


With the highest ever score for dynamic range and color, the new Epic Dragon sits atop our database as the best performing sensor. With the constant demand for an even wider dynamic range and color depth in both stills and cinema cameras, this is an exceptional result.

As a non-commercial version, this camera will not be available in our public ranking. All graphs and sreenshots in this review are therefore simulations of DxOMark ranking pages.