Ricoh GR Lens review: High imaging performance at a more accessible price

By Kevin Carter - Tuesday June 11 2013

Lens Review
Introduction | Ricoh GR Lens performance | Ricoh GR Lens Versus Nikon Coolpix A Lens | Conclusion


With a DxOMark score of 21 points, the GR lens is an excellent performer overall, with low levels of both distortion and vignetting – often weaknesses in wide-angle lens like this. Sharpness at 13P-Mpix is high too, considering the maximum is 16P-Mpix, but while still reasonably well-controlled chromatic-aberration is slightly higher than we would expected for a prime. Optically then, with no real cons to speak of, this is a very good lens (unless of course you were looking for the flexibility of a zoom though that would necessitate a very much larger lens design).