Samsung EX2F review - Is F1.4 and WiFi enough?

By Ben Boswell - Thursday March 28 2013

Sensor Review
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The individual scores are, for Portrait, 20 bits of color depth – which is at the low end of the group, for Landscape 11.5Ev of Dynamic range – which is just above the middle of the group, and for Sports 209 ISO – which is at the upper end.

However, the range from low to high for all of these scores within this collection of compact cameras is very small, only 1.1 bits of color depth, 0.5 Ev of Dynamic range and about the 0.3 Ev of low light sensitivity separate 8 different cameras with very similar specifications. All of the cameras have similar sized sensors, 1 1/7” or 5.6mm x 7.4mm or slightly bigger, which would seem to suggest that this is as good as it is going to get and that the EX2F is well optimized within the specifications that it has.


Positioned in the middle of the cluster the EX2F has a better score than some costlier cameras but is also beaten by some cheaper.

With an overall DxO Mark score of 48 the Samsung EX2F is in a good place. On a chart of all tested compact and high end compact cameras, plotted against price the EX2F is positioned in the middle of a small cluster of very capable cameras.