Samsung EX2F review - Is F1.4 and WiFi enough?

By Ben Boswell - Thursday March 28 2013

Sensor Review
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Samsung EX2F vs Fujifilm XF1 vs Pentax MX-1

These three cameras are as close as peas in a pod: they have similar zoom ranges, similar specifications, similar prices and similar scores. There is really very little to separate them in terms of performance.


The Pentax MX-1 and the Fujifilm XF1 both achieved 49 in the overall DxO Mark score, over the 48 of the EX2F. The best choice out of these three is going to come down to which has the features that most interest you or possibly which you like the look of.


At ISO up to 400 the three cameras are very close. At higher ISO the smoothing applied by the EX2F gives a good score in this test but almost certainly at the expense of detail during the aggressive application of noise reduction.

Samsung EX2F vs. Nikon Coolpix P7700 vs. Canon Powershot S110


The Nikon Coolpix P7700 scores a full 5 points better than the EX2F, it has 1.1bits more color depth. The Canon Powershot S110 also has more color depth, 0.6 bits, though it fails to match either the Samsung or the Nikon for low light with a score of 168 ISO. The biggest surprise is just how close together these three are in price.

The deciding factor here is what you want to get out of your camera: if you want selective focus or are keen to be able to share your images immediately the Samsung fulfils the brief well, but the Nikon, especially of these three, with its greater zoom range and superior color appears to be a very worthy competitor.


The Nikon Coolpix P7700 has the best low ISO colour depth while the Samsung EX2F with its smoothed low light performance scores better there. Again, this will be at the expense of image detail