Samsung NX prime lens reviews: five models measured!

By Kevin Carter - Thursday July 04 2013

Lens Review
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Samsung adopted the APS-C format sensor for its range of mirrorless cameras and although the system is still in its infancy the firm has responded to user requests for ultra-compact lenses; of the seven fixed focal lengths in their range, three are so-called ‘pancake’ prime lenses. In complete contrast, the maker also has some specialist lenses in the range used to showcase Samsung’s considerable technical expertise with ultrasonic type AF motors, ED glass types and optical image stabilization.

One unique feature to Samsung and common to each of the lenses in the range is the innovative “I-Function” button. Located on the side of the barrel, the button allows the user to cycle through options such as shutter speed, ISO and aperture values, making selections using the focusing ring (or a separate collar in the case of the larger lenses).

We’ve tested five of the maker’s seven fixed focal length lenses; two compact ‘pancake’ models, a high-speed moderate telephoto, an image stabilized macro and an enormous high-speed telephoto: