Samsung NX1000 & NX1100 review: Sensitively priced but modest in performance

By Kevin Carter - Thursday December 26 2013

Sensor Review
Introduction | Samsung NX1100 & Samsung NX1000 sensor performance | Samsung NX1100 versus competition | Conclusion

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 vs Sony A3000 vs Samsung NX1100: Eclipsed by rivals


As the two models use the same sensor we’ve selected the NX1100 to represent both against two rivals offering the same pixel count (20-Mpix). Compared against the $399 Sony A3000, which presumably as a cost-cutting exercise has a slightly smaller APS-C size sensor, the Samsung is still just slightly overshadowed.

The newer Sony has +1/2 stop better color depth; +1/3 stop wider dynamic range and +1/3 stop advantage in low light. Against the Sony RX10 or even the RX100 II, which uses the same smaller 1-inch type sensor, the NX1100 has the equivalent color depth at base ISO (though keep in mind it will be better than the Sony at higher ISO settings), a similar dynamic range and a fairly significant +2/3 stop benefit in low light.