Samsung NX20 review - A great performance among stiff competition

By Ben Boswell - Wednesday February 27 2013

Sensor Review
Introduction | Samsung NX20 sensor performance | Samsung NX20 versus competition | Conclusion

The Samsung NX20 is a very good camera; it is good value for money well specified and produces larger image files than anything that is directly comparable. If you want a camera that will capture pictures and share them quickly and easily then this could be one of the best possible choices you could make. However, if you want a ‘system’ with a range of lenses then you need to make sure that the lenses you want are available in the Samsung selection. It is also worth noting that for less money you could have the very good Nikon D3200 or for just a little more money the extraordinarily good D5200: with the huge range of lenses available for Nikon, both Nikon’s own and independent manufacturers, plus the huge market for second hand lenses: this might be a better option.