Samsung NX20 review - A great performance among stiff competition

By Ben Boswell - Wednesday February 27 2013

Sensor Review
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Samsung NX20
Samsung NX 20

The Samsung NX20 has a very good DxO Mark Score: 75 overall makes it the 5th highest scoring hybrid camera. The Portrait score of 23.4 bits gives it the same rank for color depth. In Landscape at 12.9 EV it is joint third for dynamic range. The Sport score of 785 ISO is less impressive but it is still in the top third of all hybrid cameras. The term ‘Hybrid’ covers quite a wide range and the NX20 is placed very well in the group. If you make the group bigger and include all APS-C cameras then the results are still very creditable, the Samsung is joint 15th of the group, yet it is well down the scale for price.

Samsung NX 20

This chart shows all APS-C cameras, SLR, SLT and Hybrid (excluding the most expensive). It shows just what good value the Samsung NX20 is: there is only one higher scoring camera that is cheaper, the Nikon D3200, which scored 81 and one camera that matches the NX20’s score, at a fractionally lower price, the Sony Alpha 57.