Samsung NX20 review - A great performance among stiff competition

By Ben Boswell - Wednesday February 27 2013

Sensor Review
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Samsung NX 20 vs. Sony NEX-6 vs. Pentax K 01

Samsung NX 20

Among this small selection of Hybrid cameras the comparison that really stands out is that the Samsung is the cheapest and has the highest Mpix. It scores slightly lower but not by very much: 75 for the NX20, 78 for the Sony NEX-6 and 79 for the Pentax K 01. The individual measures are very close too until you get to the low light score where the Sony scores 1018 and the Pentax 1135 against the 785 for the NX20. The specifications are very similar too, each camera excelling in some respect: The Samsung for instance has the largest sensor, the fastest shutter speed (1/8000th), and the only Wi-Fi connectivity. The Sony NEX-6 has the highest capture rate at 10 FPS for stills and is the lightest of the three whilst the Pentax K 01 has the best sound recording for video (and the highest overall score).

Samsung NX 20
There is a similarity between these three hybrid APS-C cameras that suggests that each manufacturer is getting as much as possible out of the technology.

Samsung NX20 vs. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 vs. Olympus OM-D E-M5

Samsung NX 20

In terms of size and styling the NX20 looks a little like the Lumix DMC GH3 or the Olympus OM-D E-M5, both of these are 16 Megapixel, Micro 4:3 hybrid cameras with DxO Mark scores of 71 and both are more expensive than the NX20. While the Low Light score for these two is fractionally better than the Samsung they fail to match up to the NX20 for either Color Depth or Dynamic range. Given the lower price it seems like opting for the Samsung NX20 in this comparison is inevitable if only IQ is taken into account.

Samsung NX 20
The measurements are so close: at 800 ISO the results are virtually the same. Not what you would expect since the Samsung is significantly cheaper.

Samsung NX20 vs Nikon D3200 vs Samsung NX 200

Samsung NX 20

This price bracket in the market is very crowded, nearly all brands have several models aimed at slightly different sectors of the camera buying public. The Samsung NX20 is one of the best available hybrid cameras for the price, but there are alternatives at a similar price that bear comparison. The Nikon D3200 is a case in point. It is an SLR camera with an even higher pixel count than the Samsung: 24 MPix. It won’t capture at the same rate as the Samsung: 4FPS rather than 8 but all of the measures are better, with the overall DxO Mark score of 81, 6 points clear of the NX20. For the sake of balance, it is also interesting to see that Samsung has made a huge improvement over their last model: the NX200. The Samsung NX200 which has been on the market since the middle of 2011 also has a 20Mpix sensor and scored well with a DxO Mark score of 69. It is better than some much more expensive cameras but the NX20 has beaten it in all respects.

Samsung NX 20
Where there is enough light for a reasonable ISO the Nikon wins and the Samsung NX 200 is just beaten by the NX 20.