Samsung NX200 review – A hybrid with purpose

By David Newton - Tuesday February 26 2013

Sensor Review
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The Samsung NX 200 is in many ways a very capable camera. If you are not worried about shooting in low light, then the color depth and dynamic range will see it produce very high quality images whether you’re shooting portraits or landscapes. It’s only when the light levels fall that you’ll start to see the problems of ISO performance appear.

As is often the case in this market segment, it’s not always about the fine detail of camera image performance. So the inclusion of full HD video at 30p and the ability to shoot stills at 7 frames per second may well move the NX 200 to the top of the list. Samsung are also taking strides to provide a range of lenses to suit too. With 5 lenses in the current range, including two pancake models, there are several options available to you.

Equally, for many the look of the camera can be just as important. Here, the NX 200 scores well – the metal body looks handsome and purposeful and provides a premium feel.

Overall, it may not be the best hybrid camera available, but if you can look past its poor ISO performance, you’ll find a willing photographic companion.