Samsung NX300 and NX210 camera reviews: compact and well connected

By Kevin Carter - Tuesday July 09 2013

Sensor Review
Introduction | Samsung NX300 and NX210 versus competition | Conclusion

Although the two sensors in the NX210 and NX300 have the same pixel count there are some obvious differences in their performance capabilities. From our previous test on the NX200, we can see that the NX210 adopts the same sensor unit and is in effect only a slight revision (adding WiFi along with some other promising functions). However, now the price of the NX210 has dropped to around $400 it’s a solid choice even if it can’t quite match the Sony NEX-3N at high ISO settings. The flagship NX300 is a different proposition altogether although it compares well with its peers and the promise of faster AF along with a number of high-performance primes means it shouldn’t be overlooked.