Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 EX DC APO OS HSM for Canon and Nikon review – A high performance 70-200mm equivalent for APS-C cameras

By David Newton - Friday May 03 2013

Lens Review
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The Sigma 50-150mm lens performs equally well on both Canon and Nikon, managing 19 in overall DxO Mark scores.

In terms of overall performance, both the Canon and the Nikon version of this lens perform well on their respective cameras, managing a DxOMark score of 19.

In fact, looking at each of the scores in turn, whether mounted on Canon or Nikon cameras, this lens performs very well right across the board, with high transmission levels, minimal distortion, very acceptable vignetting and not much chromatic aberration either. For a third party lens, this is quite impressive and is even more amazing given the relatively reasonable retail price of $1000USD. It actually makes this lens look like very good value for money based on the performance levels offered.


With a retail price of $1000 USD, the Sigma 50-150mm lens out-performs many other lenses in this category, even those with price tags substantially higher.

The reality is that it is unlikely you will choose a camera system based on the performance of this lens, so comparing between these two on Canon and Nikon is not likely to help, though for the curious, you will note that the Canon scores are either equal or fractionally higher than the Nikon scores, though this is almost entirely down to the differences in the cameras rather than any inherent difference in the lenses for each mount.