Sony A3000 review: Entry-level body, high-performance sensor

By Kevin Carter - Wednesday December 04 2013

Sensor Review
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The A3000 may have a slightly smaller sensor than other APS-C models from the firm but it achieves a DxOMark score of 78 points. That puts it in 46th place overall, ranking alongside the NEX-5T, Alpha 77 and NEX-6 in overall sensor capability. Compared against other Sony models, the color depth matches that of the earlier full-frame Alpha 900, as well the current NEX-6. DR is slightly better than the full-frame A900 and A850 DSLRs but marginally behind current Alpha SLTs and NEX APS-C mirrorless models. Without the SLT beam splitter, low light capabilities remain on a par in real world terms with the more expensive NEX-6 and NEX-5T