Sony Alpha 7R review: Highest ever full-frame image quality?

By Kevin Carter - Thursday October 31 2013

Sensor Review
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With a DxOMark Sensor score of 95 points the image quality of the A7R is notable as one of the best performing sensors ever analyzed in our labs. It’s ranked side-by-side with the 36-Mpix Nikon D800 and is just one point behind the Nikon D800E DSLR.

However, as a mirrorless camera it’s the best performing of its type. The similarity of the scores suggest that the Sony sensor is the same chip that’s found in the D800 models.



Sony A7R and its ranking

Overall score

Portrait (Color Depth): 25.6 bits

The Sony is in joint fourth place for color depth alongside the Nikon D800E. These are very high scores indeed and are only fractionally behind the Phase One P65 Plus models with their higher 16-bit A/D conversion. However, bear in mind that the P65 Plus models aren’t the latest from the firm.


Lowlight ISO: 2746

Although the Sony A7R ranks in eighth place for low-light ISO scores in our database, it is still an excellent performer given the high pixel count). Bear in mind the ISO rating is a logarithmic scale and that, at first sight, what appear to be large differences, are, in fact, actually quite minor. For example the low light score difference with the D800 is less than 0.1 stop.