Sony Alpha 7S sensor review: New low–light champ

By Kevin Carter - Tuesday June 17 2014

Sensor Review
Introduction | Sony A7S: Best Low-Light ISO score in our database | Sony A7S versus Nikon Df: New low light champion | Sony A7S versus Sony A7 versus Sony A7R | Conclusion

Sony A7S versus Sony A7 versus Sony A7R


Side-by-side with the firm’s 24-Mpix A7 and the 36-Mpix A7R, the A7S comes closer in the overall score with the former, but it’s someway behind the latter.

Both the A7 and A7R have similar color depth and dynamic range throughout their native ISO range, while the A7S sacrifices some performance at base for improved performance at high ISOs – from ISO3200 onwards the A7S is measurably better. The same goes for noise levels though as we’ve already proven it’s really only a slight improvement.