Sony NEX-5T review: Minor update to popular mirrorless model

By Kevin Carter - Monday November 18 2013

Sensor Review
Introduction | Sony NEX-5T Sensor performance | Sony NEX-5T Versus Sony NEX-5R: Practically identical performance | Conclusion


Put side-by-side with its predecessor using a similar sensor, the NEX-5T achieves the same overall DxOMark score and identical scores for each of the metrics.  While it looks like there’s an improvement in low-light capabilities the scale is logarithmic, so it’s negligible in real world terms the same. Unsurprisingly then, the scores suggest that the same sensor unit is used in both models. While it’s slightly disappointing that Sony didn’t enhance the sensor performance in someway, it’s still a good result given the sensor gained on-chip PDAF capabilities over the earlier NEX-5N while at the same time improving the quality of output.