Sony NEX-6 review – The logical CSC choice?

By David Newton - Wednesday November 28 2012

Sensor Review
Introduction | Sony NEX-6 sensor performance | Sony NEX-6 versus competition | Conclusion

An overall score of 78 puts the NEX-6 into 26th place in the DxOMark list. This is just fractionally above the NEX-5R, which is unsurprising as they use exactly the same sensor. The score places it ahead of the Sony SLT-A57, Sony’s DSLR using the same sensor, as well as 11 places in front of Canon’s EOS-1D Mark IV. It’s also a clear 12 places above the Fujifilm X100 – one of our reference cameras.

Like the Sony NEX-5R and NEX-5N, the NEX-6 scores 23.7 bits for color depth, again highlighting the fact that the sensors are the same in all three models.

A score of 13.1EV for Dynamic Range is again no surprise, as it is equal to the NEX-5R. While this is a respectable score, it does fall a little way behind other cameras using the same sensor – the Nikon D5100 and D7000 for example, which score 13.6 and 13.9EV respectively. The score does show a minor improvement of 1/3EV compared to the NEX-5N, however this difference is unlikely to be visible in final prints.

Looking at the low-light sensitivity, the Sony NEX-6 scores 1018 ISO, an improvement in absolute terms on the 910 ISO scored by the NEX-5R, but still below the Nikon D5100 that scored 1183 ISO with the same sensor. However, although these figures may seem like a large difference, it is actually less than 1/3EV. Like the difference in Dynamic Range, this is unlikely to be obvious in final prints.