Sony SLT Alpha 58 review

By Ben Boswell - Monday April 29 2013

Sensor Review
Introduction | Sony SLT Alpha 58 sensor performance | Sony SLT Alpha 58 versus competition | Conclusion

The Sony SLT Alpha 58 is billed as an entry-level DSLR; it certainly fits this category well. However it does all of the things that a semi-pro DSLR should do too, nearly as well as Sony’s own Alpha 77 which sells for about twice the price. There is a better camera in the entry-level category, the Nikon D5200, and Sony’s old model the SLT Alpha 35 was very good too, but looking only at what is available now, and taking the cost as well as the quality into consideration it would be very difficult indeed to do better than the Sony SLT Alpha 58.