Sony SLT Alpha 58 review

By Ben Boswell - Monday April 29 2013

Sensor Review
Introduction | Sony SLT Alpha 58 sensor performance | Sony SLT Alpha 58 versus competition | Conclusion



The DxO Mark scores for the Sony SLT Alpha 58 seem at first glance to be pretty good. Scoring 74 overall, with a color depth of 23.3 bits and dynamic range of 12.5 EVs. Only its low light score of 753 ISO fails to place the Alpha 58 in the top quarter of all the Entry-Level and Semi-Pro DSLR cameras that DxO Mark has tested. Having said that, these scores seem pretty good. Then you need to look at the price of this camera. When you do it puts a new perspective on the results, elevating them into something rather remarkable. The Alpha 58 does better than many cameras costing very much more.