Sony SLT Alpha 99 review: New full-frame sensor is Sony’s best yet

By Janice Chen - Friday December 21 2012

Sensor Review
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A landscape shooter and video star that doesn’t measure up in low light

The use of Sony’s SLT technology in its top-of-the-line full-frame shooter delivers both pros and cons. The obvious downside is low-light performance compared to its closest competitors, though Sony has done much to mitigate the SLT’s effect with new, targeted noise-reduction algorithms. The SLT also means the Alpha 99 uses an EVF, but again, Sony’s 2.4-million-dot OLED beauty offers 100 percent coverage, and compares well with the optical viewfinders of its competitors. The upside to the technology, of course is fast performance with full-time live view and continuous autofocus, which makes the A99 one of the best choices among semi-pro cameras for shooting video.