Testing lab

DxO Labs’ testing facility consists of a large room in which light quality and level can be fully controlled. The walls and ceiling are painted matte black or dark gray to eliminate reflection, and site color neutrality is checked with a spectrometer.

Lab set-up

An ambient temperature of 23°C ±2 (73ºF ±3.5) and humidity level of 50%±20 are maintained, as specified by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Tripods, stands, and other equipment are available to mount and position the test targets, the appropriate light sources, and the camera being tested.

Color temperature (light spectrum) and intensity of the various lights used to illuminate the test targets are accurately set and controlled. The lighting setup at the DxO Labs testing facility can illuminate targets from about 5 to several thousand Lux with a 5% spatial uniformity over the target area (up to approximately 3m wide and 2m high).