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What is the DXOMARK Label?

For more than 10 years, DXOMARK has been providing you with the largest database of consumer electronics evaluation under the form of scores. With the aim of making our data even more accessible, we’re now going one step further by introducing the label, making it easier for anyone, regardless of your technical expertise, to select the best product for your own needs.

Rewarding the comprehensive quality in one experience area across all usages and expectations, we’ve built a 3-tier label, illustrating the gradual quality of the user experience in all areas tested: Main Camera, Display, Battery, Audio, Selfie Camera for smartphones, as well as wireless speakers. This gradation thus provides users with an easy reading grid designed to help them navigate through the plethora of devices available on the market.

Illustrated with “Gold”, “Silver”, and “Bronze” designations, the label follow strict guidelines, established by our engineering teams, and are based on our long established and recognized scoring system, itself supported by our exhaustive protocols run in the company’s 16 state of the art laboratories.

For these three quality designations, thresholds and guidelines are established and reviewed every year, fully respecting the evolution of technologies, innovations and quality improvements.

Each label in details

Best in Class experience

Adapted to the most demanding users

Qualifying products that bring a best-in-class experience, making no compromises on quality

High standard quality

Adapted to demanding users

Qualifying label that deliver a high standard quality, bringing an overall great experience, despite showing a few limitations in challenging conditions or usages

Great quality level

Adapted to pragmatic users

Qualifying products that bring a good quality level overall, delivering a great experience in standard usage or being particularly optimized for a given usage


Qualified Devices

Attributed to devices launched from September 2023 to August 2024


From scores 130 to 139

From scores 120 to 129


Qualified Devices

Attributed to devices launched from September 2022 to August 2023



Qualified Devices

Attributed to devices launched from September 2021 to August 2022


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