Our Company

DXOMARK IMAGE LABS is a private French engineering company located near Paris. We specialize in the measurement of camera, audio, display and battery quality of all types of consumer electronics. We have made the end-user experience of consumer electronics the focus of our scientific testing, which we do in 16 state-of-the-art multimedia laboratories at our headquarters. Our international staff of 120 people includes scientists, engineers, and qualified technicians who are experts in their respective domains.

Our Mission

The Best Products for You

Technology has the power to improve our daily lives. We believe that better technology comes through optimization. But in order to optimize something, we must first be able to measure it. Our mission is twofold: To help the electronics industry develop the best products and to inform consumers about the actual performances of products available in the market.

Our core activities address these missions. We design and sell testing equipment that measures camera, audio, and display quality, and we provide performance analysis reports for all types of electronic devices. The editorial team at dxomark.com aims to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions through device reviews and technical articles.

Our Story

DXOMARK has a long history of  working closely with the imaging industries. We started out as a team of passionate photographers and camera engineers helping other photographers get the most out of their photo-editing software. That led us to design Analyzer, the first comprehensive suite of hardware and software for camera testing that is used by industry players at more than 150 sites around the globe. As our Analyzer business grew, we had amassed all kinds of measurements related to image quality from  DSLRs and lenses, and  we were very eager to share our findings and rankings with photographers. So in 2008, we launched this website — dxomark.com, with camera sensor scores. We further developed specific protocols for smartphone rear and front cameras, and quickly expanded into audio,  display, and battery evaluations.

Every tested device results in  a detailed technical analysis report, which forms the basis for the reviews published on dxomark.com. The technical reports of any device are available for purchase by all  manufacturers.

The editorial activities of dxomark.com are independent from DXOMARK’s technical and business operations.


smartphone Battery score

DXOMARK introduced a score for smartphone battery that evaluates battery performance from an end-user perspective. The battery score is based on a comprehensive test protocol that examines 3 important factors of a phone’s battery profile – charging, battery life and efficiency. The test protocol combines 70 measurements that requires over 150 hours of testing for each product.


smartphone display score

DXOMARK introduced a score for smartphone display that examines smartphone screen quality from a deeper end-user perspective. Its test protocol combines 400+ objective measurements and over 20 hours of perceptual evaluation in lab and real-life settings to generate the DXOMARK Display score for each product tested.

wireless speaker score

Introduced DXOMARK Speaker a unique scientific rating that indicates the sound quality of wireless speakers. The DXOMARK Speaker score is based on numerous objective measurements and 20 hours of perceptual assessment for each speaker.


DXOMARK adopted a new powerful and recognizable logo—a shutter-like symbol based on DXOMARK’s original profession, that of measuring lens image quality. With its central position in our brand name, the new “O” in DXOMARK supports the simple idea that the most important of all lens quality measurements is the quantity of light transmitted.


DXOMARK began operating a new smartphone audio quality benchmark, DXOMARK Audio, in October. The company gathered a team of experienced sound engineers to build a state-of-the-art audio laboratory and to develop a robust testing protocol.


DXOMARK launched test protocols to evaluate the performance of smartphone cameras for wide-angle and night photos. Both test protocols consider various representative and challenging consumer-use cases, lighting conditions, and phone settings.


In January 2019, DXOMARK.com launched DXOMARK Selfie, an image quality benchmark for smartphone front cameras. DXOMARK Selfie assesses such quality attributes as color sensitivity, noise, and Modulation Transfer Function (MTF), based on more than 1,500 images and more than two hours of video in various real-life and lab settings.


To accommodate its planned expansion, DXOMARK moved to a new office and laboratory complex in Boulogne-Billancourt in metropolitan Paris. The complex includes five new labs, with space for more labs and for twice as many people as the previous office.

DXOMARK.com celebrates 10 years

Since its introduction in 2008, dxomark.com has established itself as the world’s top source of in-depth image quality reviews of smartphones, cameras, and lenses — trusted by industry leaders and millions of consumers. This reputation for accuracy and objectivity has led to industry leaders using DXOMARK scores during the rollout of new devices and in keynote talks. Top media outlets also rely on and quote DXOMARK scores when reporting on camera image quality.


In September 2017, DXOMARK Image Labs (now DXOMARK) spun off from DxO Labs (which continues to design and sell photography software and camera products). As an independent company, DXOMARK’s product lines currently include our flagship Analyzer hardware and software system for image quality testing, benchmarking, and tuning; our image quality testing business; and the dxomark.com website.


In 2017, DXOMARK Camera (previously called DXOMARK Smartphone) received its first major overhaul and was expanded to include more than 1,500 test images and two hours of video for each device tested. Additionally, we added tests to cover the Zoom and Bokeh (depth-of-field) features becoming common on newer smartphone models.


As readers from China form a large part of our audience, we created dxomark.com/cn to give our Chinese-speaking audience better access to DXOMARK Camera reviews.

100th Lab installed

We installed our 100th Analyzer-equipped camera lab on June 9, 2016. This was also our first lab for a client in Malaysia.


dxomark.com expanded to include image quality reviews of smartphone rear cameras. Each product we review is assigned a DXOMARK Camera score, composed of a variety of sub-scores that allow for a more detailed understanding of the pros and cons of the tested device’s main camera.

50th Analyzer equipped lab installed

On March 14, 2012, we installed our 50th Analyzer-equipped camera testing lab.


A metric to assess the image quality of lenses. The testing protocol includes mounting lenses on cameras and measuring the following attributes: resolution, derived from the MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) measurement; distortion and chromatic aberrations; vignetting; and light transmission (T-stop).

LAUNCH OF DXOMARK.com and Sensor score

We created dxomark.com as a free online source of in-depth camera reviews. Each DSC and DSLR camera reviewed on the website is assigned a unique DXOMARK Sensor score, determined by assessing color, noise, and the ISO sensitivity of RAW images taken with the device being tested.

Company Foundation

DXOMARK began as the image quality evaluation (IQE) team of DxO Labs when it was founded in 2003.

launch of analyzer

The IQE team introduced its first product that year, Analyzer (previously called DxO Analyzer) — the first comprehensive suite of hardware and software for camera testing.

What makes DXOMARK tests unique?

Specialized proprietary state-of-the-art lab equipment

Scientific approach to testing products

Comprehensive testing that cover many use cases

Tested by highly-qualified and passionate engineers and expert technicians

Evaluation of real-world performance from a user point of view

Quantifiable assessment allowing product comparison

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Technical analysis reports of any product are available upon request for the media as a source of information for their content. Write to us at press@dxomark.com.

DXOMARK experts are available to speak to  journalists and vloggers about the test reports, reviews, and  testing methodology. It is also possible to schedule virtual or in-person visits of  DXOMARK’s laboratories.


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