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Olympus launches the new PEN E-P3

Wednesday July 06 2011

Olympus launches the new PEN E-P3

Olympus has recently launched the Pen E-P3 which is a compact, metal-body and retro-looking camera. With this offering Olympus targets the hobbyist to advanced photographer audience.

Equipped with a touch display and a 12.3 MP Live MOS Sensor and a trademark FAST AF tracking system that features 35 focus points.

The ISO can be propped up to 12,800 and it also has a fast shutter with a speed of 60 milliseconds.

Click here to see the Olympus PEN E-P3 manufacturing specifications.

The new Olympus Pen E-P3 replaces the E-P2 which has already been reviewed by DxOMark.
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Stay tuned for the upcoming reviews of the Olympus PEN EP3 here on DxOMark.