• ChaƱaka Gayashan

    ane bn

  • Chris

    Where are the Note 8 ratings? I see you have conveniently excluded them, I suspect that Apple has bribed you not to review it since the camera far exceeds their offering.

    • Larry Love Aldrich

      I believe you are right I was looking for them to and they are nowhere to be found

  • nirmal

    Nokia 8 test?

    • Anonymousl

      someone just put a video to compare all three Nokia 8, Pixel 2, and One Plus 5 camera output quality, Feel free to check it out, The results are SUPER SHOCKING! I am not going to put the link here as it easy to look up to it and it is better to not pulling other fan boys here to arguing and create a comment like war field. Nokia don’t live to create bashing or hatred towards other but its to connecting people so do i as a nokia fan boy . Actually it is still a smartphone after all why people tends to quarreling with each other about the brands they support. I don’t think that could give any benefits except creating disharmony among human. Please, lets connecting people, dear nokia fan boy.

  • sutjahjo

    We need the note 8 score.

  • Abhishek Naik

    Note 8 needs to be shown !!!!

  • Nikhil

    Note 8 ?

  • Gajendra Ambi

    nokia 8
    mi mix 2
    mi 6
    why aren’t they up yet here?