Fujifilm announces the FinePix X10, a new premium compact camera

Thursday September 01 2011

Fujifilm announces the FinePix X10, a new premium compact camera

Fuji announces a second premium camera in its FinePix X series: the X10. This new compact camera is expected this autumn with a 12-megapixel sensor and a zoom lens equivalent to a 28-112mm lens at f/2-2.8.

The new Fuji FinePix X10 reuses the success factors of the first camera in the X series, the X100, with a similar vintage design, a traditional optical viewfinder, and a lightweight but robust metal and magnesium body.

One of the main differences between the X10 vs the X100 is the lens. The X10 features a newly-developed Super EBC FUJINON lens consisting of 11 glass elements in 9 groups, with 3 aspherical lenses. The result is a wide-opening lens with a maximum aperture of 2.0 to 2.8 on a focal range equivalent to 28mm to 112mm, whereas the X100 offers a prime 24mm lens.

Fuji also claims a well-controlled lens aberration and a high resolution for the FinePix X10, but let’s wait for the DxOMark test results before comparing it with the X100.

The X10 is built around a 12-megapixel CMOS sensor, with Fujifilm EXR technology offering 3 modes:

  • HR High Resolution mode, which takes advantage of the 12-megapixel sensor for the finest details in portraits and landscapes.
  • DR Wide Dynamic Range mode, which offers higher dynamic range (announced up to 1600%) and delivers gradations and details in both dark and bright areas of the photo.
  • SN High Sensitivity and Low Noise mode, which is designed to limit noise despite high sensitivity under low-light shooting conditions. For extremely low-light conditions, the ISO setting can be pushed up to 12800.

In combination with a 49-point matrix contrast AF for high-speed auto focusing, this sensor is capable of continuous shooting up to 7 frames per second at the full 12 megapixel resolution as well as 1080p Full HD video recording.

In addition to all this, one more feature attracted our attention: the seamless 360-degree panoramic shooting feature, for easy panoramic photos.

After the success of its predecessor, the FinePix X100, this X10 looks promising, so stay tuned to DxOMark for our image quality test results in the near future.