Samsung NX20 review - A great performance among stiff competition

By Ben Boswell - Wednesday February 27 2013

Sensor Review
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The Samsung NX20 is a good ‘Hybrid’ APS-C camera, it is a pretty good APS-C camera, and actually it’s not a bad camera by any standards! Unfortunately for the Samsung it is surrounded by other good cameras and needs something special to make it not just a good camera but a successful camera.

Features and Specifications

The Samsung NX20 has one of the highest resolutions of any hybrid camera on the market, with a 20.3 megapixel CMOS sensor (only the Sony NEX 7 sport the last 24 Mpix Sony sensor). Among APS-C cameras there are a few 24 Mpix models available, all of which are SLR (Nikon) or SLT (Sony).

The specifications are good, the camera offers an excellent range of functions as you would expect. There are a few things that could be better: the video capture is at 30FPS and higher rates can only be recorded when the resolution is reduced to VGA (640x480) or lower. The monitor is not very high resolution either at 614k. However the video is full HD and the screen is fully articulated. The NX20 does have quite a comprehensive connectivity system with built in Wi-Fi. The system allows you to connect to a smartphone for sharing and to use the phone as a controller or even a remote viewfinder. You can also connect directly to the web if there is an available hotspot, to upload images direct to Facebook or other sharing sites and, via ‘TV Link’ to other devices such as a TV for viewing. Samsung appears to be using its experience in mobile technology to add interesting functionality to its cameras.

There is a range of lenses available from Samsung covering focal lengths from 16mm to 200mm, (the relative focal length for full frame 35 mm is x1.5 so this range is effectively 24mm to 300mm). At present there are no independent lenses available for the Samsung NX mount.

The Samsung NX20, with the specifications it has, with the RAW capture and manual overrides on all of the automatic functions, is clearly aimed at people who are serious about their photography. It is also fully automated so that you don’t need to know all the finer details of picture taking but it will allow you to be creative if you want to be.


Samsung NX20 sensor performance

Samsung NX20 versus competition