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New full frame and APS-C glass from Sigma


The full frame 150-600mm DG and APS-C 18-300mm DC are the latest third party superzooms from Sigma and offer image stabilisation in Nikon & Canon mounts

Sigma 18-300mm f/3.6-6.3 DC Marco OS HSM: New APS-C Superzoom in Sigma’s Contemporary range

The new Sigma 18-300mm offers a wide-angle through to long telephoto focal range equivalent to approximately 27-450mm on APS-C cameras. Positioned in Sigma’s Contemporary (C) range of optics that offer a compact and portable design for enthusiasts, the new 18-300mm features image stabilisation (OS), an autofocus motor (HSM) and a variable f/3.6-6.3 maximum aperture. The optical construction features 17 elements in 13 groups, a 72mm filter thread and a minimum focusing distance of 39cm that offers a maximum magnification of 1:3. For even closer focus however, an optional close-up lens has been developed for the new sigma 18-300mm, which increases the maximum magnification to 1:2 and Sigma claim with very little difference in optical performance. The new Sigma 18-300mm has been launched in the Sigma, Canon and Nikon lens mount priced at £500, with non-OS versions for both Sony and Pentax expected to follow shortly. The AML 72-01 close-up lens attachment will be available separately with prices still TBC.

Sigma 150-600mm f/3.6-6.3 DG OS HSM S & C: A pair of telephoto zooms for the pro or enthusiast

Alongside the new 18-300mm, Sigma has also unveiled two new super telephoto 150-600mm zoom lenses in their DG range for full frame DSLRs. Both lenses boast the same set of features, including Image Stabilisation (OS), lens based autofocus motor (HSM) and fulltime manual focus override. There’s also a new zoom lock switch that locks the lens at any focal length, and both lenses are compatible with Sigma’s latest range of teleconvertors, which offer full autofocus up to f/8. Where the lenses differ is in their build and optical construction. The Sport model (S) is slightly bigger and heavier at 121x290mm & 2860g, but offers enhanced durability for the pro market thanks to its metal construction and weather sealing. The Contemporary model (C) is aimed more towards the enthusiast market, featuring a more portable design that measures 105x260mm and doesn’t offer the same level of weather sealing as the S version. The Contemporary model utilises 20 elements in 14 groups with a minimum focus distance of 280cm, a filter thread of 95mm and will be available in Canon, Nikon, Sigma and Sony lens mounts. The S version is only available for Canon, Nikon and Sigma however, and utilises 24 elements in 16 groups with a slightly shorted 260cm minimum focusing distance and larger 105mm filter thread. 


RRP for the S version is set at £1,600 with pricing and availability for the C version still TBC.

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