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A summary of what’s new at DXOMARK

DXOMARK enters an exciting new period today. We are introducing a new dimension to our smartphone evaluation with the debut of the DXOMARK Display score, and we’re expanding the scope of our smartphone Camera test. ...

DXOMARK Camera version 4: What does it mean for the rankings?

The latest version 4 of the DXOMARK Camera test protocol comes with two major updates: we added tests for image quality in the camera preview, which gives you a very first impression of image quality ...

DXOMARK Camera test protocol version 4 brings trustability, preview, and more

Smartphones have long become ubiquitous, but mobile technology is still advancing faster than many other sectors of consumer technology. That is especially true for the camera modules, where manufacturers surprise us with new features, designs, ...

How DXOMARK tests display quality

Given that the touchscreen display is the way people interact with their smartphones — from looking at photos to watching videos, from dialing numbers to texting — it was only a matter of time before ...

Updated: Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Camera review – The zoom king


Please note: In October 2020, we updated the DXOMARK Camera test protocol. Version 4 now includes image preview tests and a wide range of new test scenes as part of our new trustability evaluation which ...


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