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Realme C21 Display review: Sticking to the basics


As smartphones become more intricate and specialized for certain functions like gaming, along comes the Realme C21, which focuses on basic uses. That doesn’t mean that Realme has skimped on the popular must-have smartphone features. ...

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (Exynos) Battery review: Good charge-up efficiency


Released in January 2021 at a price that places it in the Premium segment ($600-$799), the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (Exynos) comes with a triple-camera setup and stereo speakers, among other attractive features. Let’s take ...

Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming Audio review: Loud and artifact-free


In spring 2021, Xiaomi released the Redmi K40 Gaming, Redmi’s first gaming smartphone. It’s got a 6.67″ display, OLED flexible straight screen, 5065mAh battery, 67W flash charging, and according to the brand, it’s particularly light ...

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro Camera review: Class-leading performer


With Xiaomi releasing four versions of their 2021 Mi 11 smartphone, the Mi 11 Pro sits between the flagship Mi 11 Ultra and standard Mi 11 in the line up. At the time of writing ...

Microsoft Surface Duo Display review: Good for multi-tasking indoors


The Microsoft Surface Duo first appeared in August 2020 and attracted a lot of attention with its hinged two-screen design. Let’s take a close look at the kinds of results those screens achieved in our ...

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