Sony Xperia XZ Premium: First Sony tested with our new protocols

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The Xperia XZ Premium is Sony’s current flagship smartphone and comes with a 19MP 1/2.3-inch image sensor that is based on Sony’s 3-layer stack technology for smartphones, allowing for fast readout speeds and a 960 fps slow motion video mode that can record 720p footage. In addition the technology reduces the rolling shutter effect in both still images and video. Other imaging features include a laser-assisted AF, an RGBC-IR sensor for natural color rendering and Sony’s SteadyShot 5-axis digital video stabilization.

Key camera specifications:

  • 1/2.3-inch 19MP stacked BSI CMOS sensor with 1.22μm pixel size
  • f/2 aperture lens with 25mm (full-frame equivalent) focal length
  • 4K video support
  • 960 fps super-slow motion
  • ISO up to 12,800 (Photo) and 4,000 (Video)

Test summary

For a traditional single-camera design, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium does a good job of capturing both still images and video, but without breaking any new ground or seriously challenging our benchmark leaders. Its poor performance on our new Zoom and Bokeh tests pulls down its overall score. The camera does have several innovative features, however, including a 960 fps mode for super-slow motion videos that help it stand out. On the plus side, the XZ Premium features relatively strong autofocus performance for both photography and video, as well as very good stabilization for video.

Bright light

The XZ Premium does a good job with exposure in bright light, but suffers somewhat from limited dynamic range and a susceptibility to flare that affects its performance in back-lit or harshly lit scenes. Users will be rewarded with better images if they can get the sun out of the frame as much as possible. XZ Premium images also sometimes suffer from subtle color casts, even in good lighting conditions.

Overall, the XZ Premium does a good job in bright light, with generally good exposures, as long as the lighting is controlled and even, as in this scene.

Outdoors, images sometimes have a slight blue cast, as illustrated in this scene.

Low-light shooting

Indoor lighting gives the XZ Premium some trouble with exposure, and its limited dynamic range also causes blown-out highlight areas in our high-dynamic-range scenes. Indoor scenes sometimes suffer from slight color shading as well.

The camera underexposed this image, losing detail in the subject.

You can see the slight color shading in the zoomed-in areas of this test scene, shot under 100 Lux tungsten lighting (typical of the light provided by residential incandescent lamps).

Flash performance

Flash photos are adequate, with accurate white balance in flash-only scenes — although under-exposure is an issue. In addition, photos suffered from visible noise and poor detail preservation. Flash exposures are also inconsistent, sometimes varying from frame to frame in low light.

This flash-only scene shows accurate white balance, although the exposure is a little low. If you click through to the full-size version of this image you can see that there are problems with color noise and poor detail preservation.


As illustrated by its overall Video score of 84, the XZ Premium has fairly well-rounded Video performance. In particular, it has effective stabilization and generally good target exposures. However, its video performance is marred by inconsistencies in sharpness when, for example, the user is walking while recording. While walking indoors, white balance can also be inconsistent. In addition, the XZ Premium has a tendency to refocus even when it isn’t needed.

Photo sub-scores explained

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium achieves an overall Photo score of 82, which is calculated from its sub-scores in tests that examine different aspects of its performance under different lighting conditions. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at these image quality sub-scores.

Exposure and Contrast (83)

The XZ Premium does a good job of providing accurate exposures in most cases, although it can underexpose slightly indoors or in low light. Its contrast scores are reduced because it has limited dynamic range compared to some other similar phones.

While the exposure is good in this image, shadow detail is sacrificed because the camera can’t capture the high dynamic range of the scene.

Similarly, the XZ Premium loses some detail in the foliage of this scene, rendering it quite dark.

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus does a better job of preserving the natural color and detail in the same scene.

Color (74)

In general, the XZ Premium does a good job of rendering colors outdoors, although sometimes even outdoor images suffer from a slight color cast. Indoor images often suffer from a slight pink color cast.

There is also a very slight pink cast in some indoor scenes captured with the XZ Premium, such as this one of an interior hallway lit with fluorescent lamps.

Autofocus (88)

Accurate autofocus in good light is one of the strengths of the XZ Premium, giving it quite a good score in this category. In low light, however, only some images in our repeated shooting tests are completely in focus.

When given 2 seconds between defocusing and triggering a shot, the XZ Premium refocuses consistently and accurately. When the interval is reduced to a half-second, in some cases the camera is unable to refocus quickly enough, and the image is captured out of focus.

Texture / Detail (68) and Noise (58)

The XZ Premium suffers from texture rendering irregularities across the visual field, which detracts from overall image quality. This is particularly true in low light. Similarly, noise performance suffers in low light when there is motion in the scene or if the camera moves while being held.

If you click through to the full-size version you’ll see high levels of medium-grain luminance noise.

Artifacts (49)

The XZ Premium suffers from a number of significant image artifacts. The most significant is flare in brightly-lit or back-lit scenes. However, lens shading, ringing, and some distortion also contribute to a low score here.

The XZ Premium has trouble with back-lit scenes, showing up as excessive flare.

Flash (74)

The XZ Premium’s flash performance has similar characteristics both when flash is used as the sole light source and when it is mixed with a low level of indoor light. In both cases, exposure is good (although slightly low when flash is the only light), as is the white balance. There is also relatively little light fall-off when the camera’s flash is paired with some ambient light. However, the images suffer from a lack of detail and from strong noise. When flash is the only light source, there is also some visible color shading. Another issue is that exposure varied from frame to frame in our repeated shooting tests.

Zoom (32)

For outdoor scenes, the relatively high resolution of the main camera helped provide the XZ Premium with solid results. Noise performance is acceptable, but there is some loss of detail. In lower light, though, it didn’t perform as well as phones with larger pixels or faster lenses.

Bokeh mode (20)

With its small sensor, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium has a relatively large depth of field and it also doesn’t have any computational imaging features to improve the way the image renders out-of-focus areas. So it is not surprising to see that it has a poor Bokeh sub-score.

Video Sub-scores

The Sony Xperia Premium XZ achieves a total Video score of 84. As with the photo scores, this is calculated from the sub-scores it achieves in a number of categories of tests that help define its overall video capabilities, specifically: Exposure and Contrast (73), Color (79), Autofocus (78), Texture (47), Noise (69), Artifacts (80), and Stabilization (87). Of particular note, Video clips show noticeable ringing, and there is some inconsistency in frame rate, as well as some judder, that impacted the Artifacts sub-score.


Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium features a capable smartphone camera that gets the job done — especially in good light — but which doesn’t rise to the heights of the top phones from other manufacturers. In particular, it is sensitive to harsh lighting conditions outdoors, and finicky in low light and indoor situations. Video performance is also competent, but marred by problems with loss of detail. The stacked sensor does allow the XZ Premium to support a novel 960 fps slow-motion mode, but even at 19MP, it doesn’t produce overall better images or video than many other phones with lower or similar-resolution sensors.

DxOMark mobile
Sony Xperia XZ Premium
DxOMark Mobile
DxOMark Mobile


  • Generally good exposure both indoors and outdoors
  • Low noise in low-light conditions
  • Accurate autofocus both outdoors and indoors
  • Very limited flash falloff when mixed with indoor lighting


  • Effective stabilization
  • Good target exposure in most conditions
  • Accurate and stable white balance outdoors


  • Susceptible to flare
  • Texture-rendering irregularities
  • Slightly limited dynamic range
  • Slight color casts both indoors and outdoors
  • Exposure irregularities when using flash mixed with indoor light


  • Frame-to-frame differences in sharpness when walking
  • Inconsistent white balance indoors
  • Frequent unnecessary refocusing
  • GCHQ

    I want to see the pictures

    • mijami

      I’ve just started uploading some holiday photos taken under extremes of lighting conditions. Photos are all at the default, auto setting and none have been altered in any way and the camera itself has decided where to set the focus and exposure. I suggest you view these at the iPhone 6+ (5X)setting.

      • Michael Dorfman

        Amazing! Thank you for posting your photos.

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  • Moisés

    Protocol has changed.
    Is it better than XZ and X Performance?

  • kabiluddin

    Finally a proper ranking for Sony device. Loving the new protocol dxomark. It’s giving credit where it’s due and also placing phones in their rightful places.
    I really hope Sony will look at this review and focuses on improving their camera. Even Chinese Phone maker are making better camera phone than Sony’s. SMH.

    • Franco Vuong

      Are you really joking? If not then you know nothing about photography!

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        He must be joking. This review is total BS, and DxOMark has lost ALL credibility with me.

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      But there is something wrong unprofessional test….

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  • Thitigorn Jiruttigorn

    1/2.3″ sensor is considerably large for smartphone as it is currently the largest size used nowadays. But yes, it suffer from small pixel size.

    • Francis Troy Fabrigas

      Not small pixels, but lack of OIS or any image stabilizer, and a relatively dim lens.
      If this had 5-axis OIS (like in their Alpha cameras) and a relatively bright f1.8 lens, then the software won’t have to push too hard of noise reduction, and thus low light pictures can make use of lower ISO and slower shutter speed.

  • Vitali

    In the test scene of the pens, pictures on the table with 100Lux light, why is the full picture shows nice lighting, but first zoomed pictures seems to be all blue and not matching to the full picture at all (even the arrow inside is blue and looks like filtered), so what’s going on there?

    Also, why doesn’t you guys make the same shots for every phone so it will be comparable? This review lacks many test shots other models have and photo comparisons with other models.

  • Andrew Yates

    When looking at the details of the outdoor scenes especially of the neoclassical architecture the details are better than that of the iphone albeit with slightly more noise . The text on the building show this. I would have liked to have seen more details from the still life image as in reviews of other phones.

  • Nomaned

    Its fake, lol xz premium have best stabilitation of market

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  • Nomaned

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    Absolute garbage, a pathetic review from an Apple fan. The camera works like a Bravia 4k tv, switch it to manual mode and you can twdak the colour settings, preview the image before taking the photo, you can add HDR if you really want to show off. Some of your stats are wildly inaccurate. Go on, be honest, did you use the front facing camera and not the main camera?!! The Z5 Premium had a brilliant camera, this tops that with ease.

    • Red_Panigale

      lol, salty fandroids. Pictures speak for themselves. This phone has a garbage camera.

      • Nomaned

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        Phone has best camera ever (except Panasonic CM1/CM10), XZ Premium has brilliant cam, lets buy it and try. Photos in this test are recompressed to lower quality. That is all.

      • Nomaned

        Min 8:00 zZp he kicks Mom’s asskicks his butt for the moment in the front camera.

        This smartphone have best camera in the World, solo que apple buy score and pole position.

        Camera iPhone 8 is a garbage

        • XZp has weaker speakers, but iPhone have so much metallic sound it sounds like shit…

    • Daniel B.

      I have yet to see a good or even average low-light photo from a sony smartphone… “brilliant camera” is just plain wrong.

    • Nogarder
      • To clarify something important, the testing and scoring are done by a team of DxOMark engineers, as is the image analysis. The reviews are designed to provide a way to communicate the scores and some highlights of the reports to readers. The reviewers do not test or score the cameras. There are several articles on the site that describe the very-extensive test protocol, which is the same for every device tested.

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          You are a troll Apple Fanboy, Xperia xzp have a BEST stabikitation of market and best camera iPhone 8.
          Leave the photographer, you’re a disgrace to the profession

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    Colors 74???
    I bet they gave s8 better score for the color

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    Reviews should all be made with the same criteria.

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      Furthermore, bokeh and zoom protocol? Why not depth of field, wide angle and slow mo video protocol also then?
      Absolutely no same criteria.

      • I would like to see 360 degrees protocol. It seems to be (not for Apple) standard in many devices.

        • amir rashid


        • amir rashid

          Make it standard test not just for Iphone standard. So unprofessional test I think….

      • amir rashid

        Yes that right, I think there is something wrong for Bokeh (Sony also have Background Defocus apps) and Zoom protocol for the test, this is more related to apps, OIS technology and the software processing.


      If they change the protocol then most dual camera smartphones will definitely be higher than single camera smartphones like XPERIA XZ PREMIUM

    • amir rashid

      Yes I do agree with you, there is something unfair and something wrong with the test, different situation, different images for Iphone and Sony test here. DxOmark please do proper test once again and let the professional photographer do the test…

    • flodxomark

      Dera Luca, we have designed our DxOMark scoring system with one obsession: develop and implement a robust test protocol which can be accurately repeated time after time, and thus all devices we test are treated the same way.
      Please find more about our new DxOMark Mobile test protocol here:

  • Lukasz Ydhyx
    • Nomaned

      Serius distorsion have dxofake

    • And that’s a real problem that few acknowledge.

    • amir rashid

      I used XZP now and dont have this issue thank God….

    • Arcueid Brunestud

      yes, it is because this lens is wide. Technically speaking it is very commen. but we have to admit that its a problem

  • Ygor Cortes

    Actually Sony does provide a background blur mode, it’s called Background Defocus and sits in the camera apps:

    • Vjekoslav Andric

      Any macroshot provides background blur, alias bokeh effect…
      Nowhere on their site is it explained how the new protocol measures quality of bokeh, nor is the scoring in any way explained visually in the XZ Premium review

    • amir rashid

      Yes and i used in now into my XZP , the effects is so amazing seriously…

  • Ygor Cortes

    Also, did you guys use the HDR mode for HDR scenes? Or was the test done in Superior Auto?

    • Marko ćituŽ

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  • Ali Manai

    This site has lost it’s credibility having used xz premium i know what the camera is like and it’s way better than what you have shown in the review and it’s 1000 times better than op 5 which you have given a higher rating the only downside on sony phones is their zoom

    • amir rashid

      I do agree….So bias and unprofessional test….

  • Moteur 7 à Max

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    fake review.

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    Next vídeos destroy xzp destroy best fake camera dxomark

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    This just shows how important role software has for how the photos will going to look.

    Sony camera hardware always been great but for some weird reason when they do cameras for themself they just can’t compete.

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    You are a troll

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  • Insane014

    Looking at the side by side photos of the monument/landmark garden by XZP and iP7+ its obvious to the naked eye that luminosity is quite uniformed across XZP sample which means it’s preserved while in iP7+ sample luminosity is shifting all over the place which means it’s being altered in software post processing phase. On iP7+ saturation of the color of the stone is quite obvious and it looks really tacky and in your face. It has noting to do with preserving the color.
    Phone cameras are all about software clean up and processing, that’s why manufacturers who put all their guns into retouching for faux effect always get the same pictures no matter where they are shot at. You can take iPhone7 and shoot grass & sky landscape in New Zealand and it will look exactly like grass & sky landscape shot in Ireland because iPhone7 can recognize grass and sky and it will boost the saturation of both blue and green, it will add yellow to the green grass to make it golden and then it will apply the contrast between the land and sky to make a separation. It’s a cookie cutter approach.
    Question is do mobile users have time to process their images or they will settle for the best faux effect to make it look pretty. Nothing wrong with either one.

    • In Exposure and Contrast, the IP7 photo showed for comparison is actually all overexposed, the XZ photo actually preserves the detail on that scene and this makes me mad.

  • Ellio74

    Second time I’m surprised with DxO. The first was with the LG G6 and now this phone.
    A lot of people said that a lot of Sony camera problems were gone with this camera (even better thant the XZs with the same sensor). So I don’t know what to think about this review, since I also shot some pictures with this phone and were pleased by the shots!

  • Kiran Babu

    Sony always maintain own standards, sony never fallows others they fallow sony, samsung using sony lense and one plus 5 also other company’s also sony lense, sony started water resistance, now samsung and iphone released water resistance, sony not released edge screen, see never copy others come to dual camera no comparison to single and dual, give a test about speed performance compared to Samsung and other devices sony xz premium is leading.

    • amir rashid

      Yes that right seriously Sony is not a kind of copy cats like others….

      • IntMagicX

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    I5s I6 I7 I8 I8 plus

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  • amir rashid

    One more thing, I suggest please separate for the DUAL LENS protocol and SINGLE LEN protocol for this test to be fair enough. DXoMARK are you seriously FAIR right now with your new protocol test??? Come on everyone here let us ask DxOMARK to do again the test with this Sony XZ Premium. The 960 FPS video, auto capturing, object tracking are more relevant than bokeh in the Iphone I think. Please do not make a joke here come on…

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    so, 21 september is the new april fools day…

  • Nogarder

    David cardinal the new analyst live in palo alto (usa) and say that dxomark was working this summer in a company of cupertuno.

    • False on both counts. I am not “the analyst.” I wrote the review based on a great deal of hard work by a very-dedicated and technical team who are analysts. They do all the testing and scoring. And I have never worked in Cupertino, or for any hardware company headquartered in Cupertino. PS I also wrote the original reviews of the U11 and the Pixel, which put them at the top of the scoring charts at the time.

      • skrug

        Where’s the full image of the 100 Lux test lab image?

  • Nogarder

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    DXO mark became very biased now 🙁

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    Only 86 in video retards???

  • UltimateKud

    Completely understandable but I doubt it’s Sony’s sensor that causes it but its terrible processing which can be fixed with raw and log support which sony doesn’t support. Surprised the lens was only average considering Sony’s reputation with their G lenses. There seems to be a lack of bokeh and zoom tests though, the score is understandable but at least upload some photos of it. Huge jab for sony rip

  • S.H.U.R.O.

    Sony will never fix their eternal flaw – algorithms!
    Having such a smart sensor, they could not realize a half of the sensor potential.. They only change their sensors, but not their shitty software. I don`t see any reason to change their IMX sensors, because all will be the same, programmers will destroy everything. I read the comments of some XZP owners and they claim that their old Z1 and Z3 are not worse at all, and even in some moments, are better.)
    This is the main reason why sony has problems with sales. Nobody wants to pay a lot of money, for shitty software (

    • Moisés

      It seems like here they test only auto mode.
      Low light shots on manual are way better.
      Score of stabilization since Z5 was always more than 92 points. XZP does better than XZ or Z5

  • 孙庆岩

    I have a xzp, and I like its cam.Like the article, the loss of detail is true, but its night shooting is excellent!!
    83 is too low for this amazing cam!!!


    Are you serious? did Apple pay u money?? Sony xzp have such an excellent and extreme accurate colours! compare to others company. Why not increase the scores? 83 IS WAY TOO LOW!! i say DXO is fucking biased now, also unfair compare to Dual cam.
    Nope! skip Dxo!

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    I’ve always come here when looking for a new phone, or just in general & I’d always agree with what DxO Mark were saying. However, and it’s very sad in a way I have to agree with most of the comments here there is clear bias I hate myself for saying so, but your change in testing protocols is just a convenience. People have been nagging you to test out Apple’s + models since the 6+ came out but you never did, yet now out of the blue you decide to test Apple’s + model, & not only that give it a huge superior score over the competition. I can only assume that you have been approached by Apple & given an incentive for a favourable review of their camera system on the iphones. Can’t you truly see that you are making yourselves look highly suspicious in the manner this has been carried out, the whole change of set up on the website, to the new testing protocols & the decision to test Apple’s + models it’s shocking & beyond belief. And may I say I am not saying that the iphone 8 & 8+ deserve to be top, & I don’t own a Sony phone but it is very suspicious how it’s been done. Very sorry to say I have always come here for good solid unbiased reviews of mobile photography, & always told our huge client base to do the same, but not any more. I won’t be coming here again & we shall be advising our clients the same, a once great website has just become yet another cash for reviews website shameful!!!!

    • flodxomark

      Hello. We’re sorry to hear your comments have been blocked and we unfortunately did not see it. Your Disqus record based on a high number of previous flags by other readers and spam mentions may automatically send you message as spams. Back to your point, we would like to tell you that all mobiles we test are treated exactly the same way. We have made our DxOMark scoring system with one strict goal: develop and implement a robust test protocols which can be accurately repeated time after time. Regards

      • skrug

        “all mobiles we test are treated exactly the same way..”×768.jpg×768.jpg

        one has around noon with people, messy room and boxes blocking the windows at the back and the other during the evening with warm sunlight beaming into a clean room.

      • notanonymous

        As skrug points out, this report contradicts itself your statement. Unless you repeat EVERY photo with every smartphone under exactly the same conditions (I guess, being “the reference for image quality” it would benot so difficult for you to achieve), your results are not credible.

        Your previous testing method, or maybe the corresponding reports, looked much more scientific than the current one. (By the way, new testing methods producing dramatic changes in the results should automatically turn on a red light: something was/is very wrong). Showing only 11 photos (no sample video!) and not giving the chance to take a look at the whole sample set, as well as having a single graphic of all possible measurements is really untrustworthy. It requires an act of faith in you.

        Additionally, this report has had some errors (100 lux zoomed picture not corresponding to full size sample; very good video stabilization in the summary vs. effective stabilization in the Pros vs. mediocre stabilization in the conclusion – all of them have quite a different meaning!), some of which have been addressed by now, which makes it lose any credibility.

  • 井上吉彦

    Does the zoom test has mean ??
    Xperia XZ Premium has wide angle camera.

  • Γιάννης Δρακάκης

    “Your independent source for image quality benchmarks for phones” said the biased DXOmark. Shame…

  • Iki

    Exuse me. You state that you turn on the bokeh mode for other phones, but that you didn’t do it on the xperia. Why is that? Sony does have their own bokeh mode. It’s called “background defocus”

    • TheSith LordViridis

      Too much work I guess

    • amir rashid

      HAHAHAHA DxOMARK please go to school again….

  • Francisco Vicente Cruz

    This is completely hilarious of just having 83 points… 90 would be the minimum. Almost all other manufacteurs use Sony lenses on their smartphones and they get higher scores and they are not using the latest exmor Imx400.Sony is known to be the best in photography and video capabilities otherwise others wouldn’t ask for their help… Sony isn’t giving the latest exmor to others, some of them are using Exmor IMX 386 or less. Not the same!

    • amir rashid

      That is right man….

    • Cristalyn Joy Luzara

      Yes its true they have the best camera hardware but the software post processing of the captured images is not as good as other brands like samsung and iphone. Meaning the camera hardware is not functioning in its maximum potential

      • Melforce

        You mean the oversaturated image that iphone produce is better? Lol

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  • gizmoboy

    Why did this article get an ‘htc’ tag instead of ‘sony’ tag?

    • Vitali

      Beacuse it seems someone made this review in his lunch break.. they have already fixed a mistake in the 100Lux table picture where one of the zooms were all blue and they also added full resolution pictures which they haven’t add before. Seems they have another mistake I haven’t noticed.. how “professional” of them.

      I’ve noticed that comparing to other brands, they’ve done this review very disrespectfully.

      • TheSith LordViridis

        I want to see the full Res 5 lux image, every other phone it’s available.
        I also want to see the kitchen reshot with the boxes moved that were put there to block light.

  • Kevin Cheung

    Not fair under the new calculation method!! DXO no more trust worthy. Bias over the smartphone big brands like Samsung and Apple. Really not fair!!

  • Lorenzo Simonetti

    Why minus than z5 premium?…i don’t know if this is a true review….i have them all and xzp does a better job than z5p…so?

    • Moisés

      Because new score…
      S6 Edge used to be 86, now it is 82.
      XZP probably would score 87 if they did not change.

  • Xda pro

    El analista es un puto troll de Apple, trabaja en verano para ellos y se ve que se la come a tiempos, es un puto trollaco.

    El puto subnormal le pone un 83 y es una camara de 100

  • notanonymous

    Is there any access to the image database, or do we have to trust the criterion of some in theory photography expert, who says that the iPhone 7’s picture is better because of the foliage (pretty decent with the ZP, btw), when the top of the building (esp. the towers), which is undoubtedly the object of interest, is clearly blown out?

    • notanonymous

      Test summary: “…as well as very good stabilization for video.”
      Conclusion: “Video performance is also competent, but marred by problems with loss of detail and mediocre stabilization.”

      Somehow contradictory, isn’t it?

      • Melforce

        They dont even know what they are saying, i bet google and iphone paid them to make their phone looks better, sony does not care because most of them are still buying sony lense for their phone lol

  • amir rashid


  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Dxo says XZ Premium doesnt have any specialised bokeh camera effects, and gives it 20?
    Then what is Background defocus effect?!
    And With what is this shot from XZ Prem made then?!
    XZ Prem

    You guys have totally lost reputation with this new protocol nonsens.

    • amir rashid

      Yes that right man…

  • dany

    wtf? 76 for color? i think this phone has one of the best color reproduction camera on a smartphone….i compared it to iphone 8 and galaxy s8 and in the color department it won with a huge advantage….the only problem this camera can have is details in shadows…the stabilization is the best in video mode! weird review….

    • IntMagicX

      phone taken by sony xz premium look natrually unlike others brand , but the score even lower then China crap phone 🙁

  • 顾正刚

    When will DxO test the SONY XZ1?

    • skrug

      maybe 3 months after it’s released

    • S.H.U.R.O.

      XZ1 not shows new camera level, the same like XZS

    • IntMagicX

      Don’t think they will test xz1 , overall same as xz premium

    • MrWalker1000

      xz1 should be tested becuase it came out with android 8 and the xz1 had new improved algorithms over the xzp.

  • Moisés

    Look at the photo of the 2 guys eating.
    I compared this one with the same of Note 8.
    When you zoom in you see that photo of XZP looks better.
    Less noise also lower ISO.

  • Seriously the overall score lower then Xperia X?

    • IntMagicX

      I have no idea regarding the score , new Imx400 with 5 axis steady shot…. the score even lower then china crap phone. 🙁

  • Lelouch Zhu

    Now XZP is receiving the 8.0 update and a distortion correction is added along with maybe other improvements. Will DXOMARK update its score accordingly?

  • lee taylor

    Absolute rubbish! What stupid criteria – and totally unbalanced scoring. We have iphone, xz, and v20 dual – Sony destroys the competition hands down. iPhone very good, and v20 extremely controllable. However, reliability, detail and speed best on xz. DXO credibility doubted. Need a great camera? XZ!


    Complete load of crap. In comparison to Note 8, iPhone X, iPhone 8, LG V30, Pixel 2XL XPERIA XZ Premium has most natural camera and produces natural and clear colors even in low light without any distortion or fade.

    • MrWalker1000

      nah google has the best camera out of any smartphone.

      • Melforce

        Google using sony lense btw, hell most phone using sony lense lmao even iphone

        • MrWalker1000

          you mean sensor? Many dont use sony lense. Its the software that matters a lot too.

  • ibanez Yamato

    DXOMARK is paid to test cameras and They test them according to their criteria. So not necessarily they are right.

  • Yury

    One of the best phone camera on the market – I have ZX1 Compact – Compared pictures with Samsung s8, iPhone8, photos on Sony are more realistic and with Manual Mode – much far from the Samsung and iPhone! Stopped trusting this site.

  • Freddy Joyal

    84 for video camera! that’s one of the best video camera out there, if not THE best. You guys are either biased to the core, or just not competent at all. No credibility on this website. People, don’t believe that utter crap this website is spreading, and check phones by yourself. Obviously, that “new protocol” is shady….

  • Melforce

    This website is utter crap, did other company paid you to get high score?

  • Muhammed Raşit Kömürcü

    where is the zoomed photo? this is totally biased inspection,totally biased. Unbelieveably untrusted site anymore.

  • Muhammed Raşit Kömürcü

    960 fps slow motion video is the unique spesification for the mobile phones, why did you said nothing about this?

  • Awun Andre

    This score is absolutely fake. No one believe that. Everyone know XZ Premium camera take a perfect shot, one of the best camera in the market now.

    I think you should correct that score.

    • amanieux

      i have a xz premium and i confirm photo in auto mode sucks (all details are gone and image is blurry in low light, i live in rainy paris and it is always low light 🙂 ) – (i have not tried manual)- this is a well deserved bad score (at least for low light).

      and not only the default sony camera app sucks but sony limited support for the standard camera2 api ( to prevent third party camera apps from doing a better job ?) because the sensor should be capable of doing much better as sony has had the best sensors on the market for many years

      i only bought xz premium because i needed the 4k screen for VR, as soon as samsung or google release a phone with 4k screen, bye bye sony.

    • mike liu

      I have an XZ premium and a google pixel 2, I just can say Sony do worse at this time. Sony has a very good camera but they didn’t do any kinds of optimization on the software because they are not good at doing this kind of things. This is the best phone before the middle of 2017 but all else Manufacturers update the camera and software super fast. But I still look forward the XZ premium 2 hopefully there is a very big breakthrough on it because there are so many innovations on the cam that no one figures out.

  • 能美 クドリャフカ

    People nowadays didn’t even want to admit the truth. (They didn’t even own the phone though.)
    XZP’s camera just suck as it can.
    Compare to other flagship phone, XZP performs like a mid range phone
    Way too blurry no matter day or night, over sharpness makes the quality looks so bad.
    Why Sony, why?

    • Yuki Fuyui

      I gave up using the phone as a camera, I just got one of those thin point and shoot and that solved the issue, of course its hard to compare one inch sensor to a phone sensor.

    • Shaf Sadiyan

      I actually own an XZP and I can clearly vouch for it. In fact I can take some low light shots for which will blow your comparison out of the water.

  • Yuki Fuyui

    If Sony would let us have the RAW output of this camera then it would be the best of all phones simply because a RAW DNG file would provide the true sensor output and not a JPEG which is heavily processed by internal software which we all know by now, Sony’s JPEG are awful even in high end system cameras.

    • 能美 クドリャフカ

      You’re right, I think sony of course have the abilities to do that, but they won’t, like Canon, they’re all squeezing the toothpaste, if sony makes their phone’s camera too great, they gonna hit their camera dept. .
      Otherwise, they also makes the phone can’t installed Google Camera app, if we can see IMX400 with HDR+ someday, that would be as awesome as hell.
      Shame for sony.

  • Awun Andre

    Xperia XZ Premium has Background Defocus which can give the depth effect like selective focus on the Galaxy S8.

    You should check this out before give 20 point for Bokeh. Backgorund Defocus doing well like selective focus. Poor you DxOMark!

  • Minä Ihminen

    Very unprofessional and poorly made review. This gives a bad image of this website.

  • Bruce C Macmillan

    Enjoyed the comments. So many dedicated camera buffs out there.

  • lance guo

    I own Sony XZP, the worst premium phone camera I ever used. No HDR for auto mode, many photos with blur.

  • Irakli Kontselidze

    This review is crap. I’m having awesome sharp results when using slow shutter speeds and the lowest ISO in manual mode. Also in Superior Auto mode, phone is capable of detecting when it’s either on tripod or accurately balanced on surface (tripod icon appears) and automatically chooses slower shutter speed and low ISO for optimum exposure.
    Bokeh review is also crap, you should have used Background Defocus app and judge later.
    Shame on you dxomark.

    • Brad Peng

      I tend to agree with you… XZ premium with manual mode is great but I think they are more testing on the auto mode… And a lot of time when you want to take a quick snap shot and XZP suffers from auto focus and also low light… 🙁

  • S. Richiard. Joe

    I loved Sony Xperia line-ups.
    But I love only Sony cameras now.
    Why on earth on earth doesn’t Sony make mobile cameras like cameras?!

  • Susukino

    Not a word about Sony having a wider lens than Apple here? Why not? And you call yourself the reference for image quality? Wold you directly compare a 17mm lens f2.2 with a 35mm f1.8 lens and expect the same kind of bokeh? or point of view? You can clearly see the comparison shot off the castle and the gardens have been cut on the Sony picture but you failed to mention that of course?

  • Giuseppe

    Hello, please when the tests on new models Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 compact will be done?
    Thank you

  • ahauw lim

    many sony fans going rampage mode here………….

  • Andrea

    Where´s the Sony Xperia X Performance you had rated before? I bought that only because you rated it with the same score of the galaxy s7. Now I was selling it and I said to the person that it had a good score here. And the person told me that wasn´t here! Where is it? I don´t want that they think I´m a liar! How come you rate something and then just take off???????????????

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