Nikon D3200 Review

Friday April 20 2012

Sensor Review
Nikon D3200 Sensor performance | Nikon D3200 versus competition | Conclusion | Introduction | Nikon D3200 Preview
Nikon D3200 Review

We are already acquainted with the D3200: apart from a few ergonomic details, it’s the same camera as the compact and lightweight D3100 SLR, though missing the secondary display on its bridge for even greater compactness. The D3200 weighs only 454 grams (without battery or card). Unlike the D3100, the D3200’s lens is off-center for better balance and the highly practical LiveView/video mode activation tab of the D3100 and the D5100 has disappeared in favor of a more ergonomically mundane video recording button. The D3200 comes with a second (dorsal) infrared sensor to complement its front sensor for more practical infrared remote control. The motor selection tab (single-frame, burst, timer, remote control) is gone as well, again replaced by a direct-access button.

For all their external similarities, however, Nikon didn’t simply tinker around with the D3100’s innards to come up with the D3200— on the contrary, both the sensor and the processor in this new SLR are very different indeed.

Nikon D3200 Preview

Nikon D3200 Sensor Performance

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