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Fujifilm X10 review: an-old fashioned compact camera with some surprises


The Fuji X10 is an interesting low-cost transposition of the Fujifilm X100:

  • Same old-fashioned metal design
  • Smaller sensor: in place of the X100’s APS-C sensor the X10 has a tiny 2/3-inch EXR CMOS sensor. Interestingly, this sensor is still 2 times larger than the F600 EXR sensor.
  • A 4x zoom lens: while the X100 has a fast prime wide-angle, the X10 provides a 4x zoom with a focal equivalent of 28 to 112 mm on a 24×36 sensor. Worth noting is that specific attention was paid to the aperture: the zoom is very bright from 28 mm (f/2.0) to 112mm (f/2.8)
  • The Fuji X10 uses the same EXR technology as the F600 and F550: the pixels are displayed as described here:
Fujifilm EXR CMOS sensor

FujiFilm X10 DxOMark review

Fujifilm X10 DxOMark overall score

The X10’s results are really good for its category. It achieves scores close to 1/2 stop better than the Fuji F600. Its Color depth (20.5) and dynamic range (11.3 Evs) remain in the same range as the best camera in this segment (Canon Powershot G12 or PowerShot S100).

The low-light ISO score (245) places the Fuji X10 between two types of cameras:

As with every camera in this segment, the X10’s low-light ISO score remains low. But its performance is still interesting, and its bright lens should enable users to shoot nice photos.

FujiFilm X10 and its competitors

For this specific segment, the manufacturers’ technical propositions differ significantly, so available comparisons are numerous. Here is a selection:

Fujifilm X100 vs FujiFilm X10

Fujifilm X10 vs Fujifilm X100

The two cameras are significantly different with respect to their sensors… and to their DxOMark scores.

Fujifilm X10 vs FujiFilm Finepix F600EXR

Fujifilm X10 vs Fujifilm F600

The X10’s sensor is 2 times larger, and its low-light ISO score close to 2/3 stop better, but it is also more expensive.

Fujifilm X10 vs Nikon 1 J1 vs Nikon 1 V1

Fujifilm X10 vs Nikon J1 vs Nikon V1

The Nikon 1 takes the lead, particularly in terms of low-light ISO score.

Fujifilm X10 vs Canon Powershot S100 vs Nikon P7100

Fujifilm X10 vs Canon S100 vs Nikon P7100

Among compact cameras, the Fuji X10 is definitely a good choice.

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