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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Display review: Smooth light transitions


Released in October 2020, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro is one of a tight-knit family of four new “12” devices from the Cupertino giant. The same size as its non-Pro 12 sibling, smaller than the ...

Apple iPhone 12 Audio review: Subtle improvements to sound


A few weeks ago Apple unveiled no fewer than four new iPhones, ranging both in size as well as in price. Beyond sharing the same A14 Bionic chipset — “the fastest chipset in a smartphone”— ...

OnePlus 8 Pro Selfie review: Solid performance


We tested the main cameras of the OnePlus 8 Pro earlier this year, and now it’s time to consider its front camera. The single selfie camera peeks through a hole punch in the left corner ...

Updated: OnePlus 8 Pro Camera review: Good exposure and autofocus in balanced lighting


Please note: In October 2020, we updated the DXOMARK Camera test protocol. Version 4 now includes image preview tests and a wide range of new test scenes as part of our new trustability evaluation which ...

Google Pixel 5 Selfie review: High-end performance for less


With the Pixel 5, Google has decided to go back to the roots of the Pixel series and offer an Android flagship that does not only come with the latest version of the Android operating ...

Speaker evaluation joins DXOMARK’s testing suite

DXOMARK is proud to announce today the expansion of its sound-quality testing to speakers, in particular wireless speakers, with its newest protocol — DXOMARK Speaker. It is the audio team’s first foray into a new ...

The DXOMARK Speaker protocol

Wireless speakers are an immensely popular product allowing you to connect to and control output from smartphones, computers, TVs and other devices without requiring cables. Instead they use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or proprietary protocols to transmit ...

Introducing DXOMARK’s new testing playlist, and the music(ians) behind it

If audio reviews are your jam, you’ve probably come across at some point during your internet surfing the famous “testing playlist” that many reviewers use to listen for specific audio cues. This particular set of songs helps to highlight ...

Harman Kardon Citation 200 Speaker review: Good for relaxing and for partying


Unveiled two years ago, Harman Kardon’s Citation series featured wireless smart speakers only,  ranging from compact devices to floorstanding column speakers. In September 2020, the series welcomed its first portable device, the Citation 200. In ...

Amazon Echo Studio Speaker review: Good value party speaker


The Amazon Echo Studio is the top-end model in the retail and tech giant’s line of Echo smart speakers. It comes with a total of five speakers and automatically analyzes the acoustics of your room ...

Google Home Max Speaker review: Powerful and well balanced


One year after the launch of the Google Home, the Mountain View, California giant unveiled a Max version of its first smart speaker. Unlike the Nest Mini, designed mainly for asking questions of the assistant ...

Apple HomePod Speaker review: True 360° sound


Released in early 2018, the HomePod is Apple’s answer to the wave of popularity generated by the Amazon Echo four years earlier. True to its tradition, Apple’s long-expected speaker enjoys a classy yet minimalist design, ...

Huawei Sound X Speaker review: Compact yet powerful


Chinese technological powerhouse Huawei, which has become a worldwide leading smartphone brand, is now making a bold move into the speaker market. In July, it released its first wireless speaker, the Huawei Sound X. The ...

Bose Home Speaker 500 Speaker review: Natural midrange, great dynamics


Although the Bose Home Speaker 500 is Bose’s very first smart speaker, it is definitely not its first speaker. Unlike Apple, Google, or Amazon speakers, the Home Speaker 500 benefits from the U.S-based company’s decades ...

Sonos One Speaker review: Good value for money


In late 2017, the multi-room wireless pioneering company unveiled its debut smart speaker, the Sonos One. At that time, the modernized version of the Play:1 was the first smart speaker to welcome both Amazon’s and ...

TMall Genie X5 Speaker review: Inexpensive, but average


The TMall Genie X5, produced by the Chinese corporate giant Alibaba, was introduced in May 2020 as a larger, more sophisticated upgrade to the much smaller X1, with a variety of features that aim to ...

Yandex Station Speaker review: Loud but not refined


The Yandex Station is the Russian search giant’s 2018 entry in the wireless speaker market. To operate it, you need a Yandex subscription for movie and music streaming and other services, and fluency in Russian. ...

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker HD Speaker review: Impressive for the price


The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker HD is the brand’s 2018 entry in the wireless speaker market, meant to go woofer-to-woofer against other big-brand competitors, though it has been primarily aimed toward Chinese-speaking consumers. A minimalist ...

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