Samsung Galaxy Note II

In 2017 the DXOMARK Mobile test protocol has been updated to cover zoom, bokeh features, very low light performance, motion in the scene and other new test criteria. Image quality testing for this review was still undertaken using the original DXOMARK Mobile test protocol from 2012. The results are not directly comparable to the new protocol but this article will still give you a very good idea of the test device's camera performance.

Overall the Galaxy Note II matches the score of the iPhone 5 in the DxO Mark Mobile test. In the individual tests, the Samsung produces a respectably consistent set of results with few disappointments, especially in the scores for still images. Its performance in low light is similar to its competitors, except for the rendering of detail that gets lost through excessive noise reduction. The scores for Note II are similar to the Samsung Galaxy SIII, which it just beats in the photo score.  In the details some features being better on the Note II and some on the SIII. The video scores are not quite as glowing with stabilization scoring below 50 even in good lighting. However, where the Galaxy Note II copes pretty well with low light for stills, in video the quality fall off is significant and both noise and loss of texture through noise reduction are unimpressive.

Coming in at second place in the standings for DxOMark Mobile photo and video performance behind the Nokia 808 Pureview, the Samsung Galaxy Notes II holds a slight lead over the Galaxy SIII for still photos. The clear standout in video performance, the Galaxy Notes II has been named the best mobile photo camera tested by DxOMark in that category.


Photo Pros

  • Good, consistent and smooth autofocus
  • Bright and pleasant color
  • Accurate auto-exposure

Video Pros

  • Accurate Exposure
  • Good Colors

Photo Cons

  • Poor retention of detail in low light due to excessive noise reduction.
  • Failure to resolve detail in the highlights in high contrast outdoor conditions.
  • Flash is a bit dark.

Video Cons

  • Poor rendering of texture in low light
  • Excessive noise in low light
  • Poor image stabilization

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