Nikon D4 review

Thursday March 15 2012

Sensor Review
Nikon D4 Lens Recommendations | Introduction | Nikon D4 Preview | Nikon D4 Hands-on | Nikon D4 versus competition | Nikon D4 Sensor performance
Nikon D4 review

In the course of the past several weeks, both Canon and Nikon unveiled their professional digital reflex cameras for the next two years to come. With the D4, Nikon has updated a number of points in its pro camera body which cumulatively lead to an entirely new generation of SLR camera.

This new model features impressive specs: a new 16-Mpix FX sensor with sensitivity up to 200,000 ISO, uncompressed Full HD video recording with autofocus, 11 fps burst mode, improved 51-point autofocus module, face detection, wireless control...

Nikon D4 Preview

Nikon D4 Hands-on Review

Nikon D4 versus Competition

Nikon D4 Sensor Performance

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