Pentax K-5 IIs maintains the excellence of its sister model the K-5 II

By Paul Carroll - Friday December 07 2012

Sensor Review
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Announced in September 2012 along with the Pentax K-5 II, the Pentax K-5 IIs is an almost identical camera with the exception that its anti-aliasing filter, used on the K-5 II to minimise the unwelcome effect of moiré, has been removed. But does removing the filter impact on the outstanding DxOMark Camera Sensor Ratings achieved by the K-5 II? We dissect the K-5 IIs Camera Sensor Ratings to find out.

Pentax K5IIs vs Pentax K5II
In terms of build and appearance, the Pentax K-5 II and K-5 IIs are identical cameras with the only difference between them being the K-5 IIs has the anti-aliasing filter removed.

So why would you want a DSLR with the anti-aliasing filter removed? Well, the answer is simple. As the filter is applied to the whole image it also reduces sharpness in larger details where moiré wouldn’t appear, so with the filter gone greater overall detail can be resolved. Of benefit to photographers desiring superior resolution for highly detailed images and with the only other DSLR without an anti-aliasing filter currently available being the Nikon D800E, Pentax obviously sees an opportunity to exploit this area of the market with the K-5 IIs.

Caused by repetitive details, like tiny fibres, being too fine to be individually recorded by the sensor, the moiré effect renders a wavy pattern that looks odd until smoothed out by the filter.

Pentax K-5 IIs sensor performance

Pentax K-5 IIs versus competition