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Black Shark 4S Pro Audio

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The Black Shark 4S Pro was released in mid-October 2021, with the “plus” version of the Snapdragon 888 chipset. In this short review, we compare its results in our comprehensive audio protocol tests with that of the Black Shark 4 Pro, released in March 2021.

Audio specifications include:

  • Fully symmetrical dual loudspeakers (top front-firing and bottom side-firing)
  • Three microphones with noise cancellation
  • Headphone jack output
  • Featuring  DTS, AAC and Cirrus Logic components
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ 5G chipset

About DXOMARK Audio tests: For scoring and analysis in our smartphone audio reviews, DXOMARK engineers perform a variety of objective tests and undertake more than 20 hours of perceptual evaluation under controlled lab conditions. This article highlights the most important results of our testing. Note that we evaluate both Playback and Recording using only the device’s built-in hardware and default apps. (For more details about our Playback protocol, click here; for more details about our Recording protocol, click here.)

Test summary

Black Shark 4S Pro





  • Slight hissing noticed on specific tracks as well as some bass distortion at loud volumes
  • Some bass distortions and resonances at maximum volume



  • Great timbre performance, natural tonal balance and good extensions
  • Great spatial performance, very wide audio scene in landscape mode, and good localizability and distance
  • Good, very natural background rendering


  • Poor artifacts performance, especially in a high SPL scenario: systematic clipping severely impairs other attributes, and compression issues induce variations in loudness.
  • Maximum recording level without distortion is poor compared to other tested devices.
  • Middling dynamics performance, as dark tonal balance tends to increase background noise, especially in an urban scenario.
  • Narrow audio scene in selfie videos

Given the identical results, we are posting only this short article on the Black Shark 4S Pro. For the full set of measurements and the complete analysis, please click on the link below and read the full review of the Black Shark 4 Pro.

Go to the audio review of the Black Shark 4 Pro.

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