Tech articles

This section of articles will take a closer look at the science behind some of the areas we test. We’ve already examined subjects such as flicker on display screens, audio zoom technology and audio algorithms, just to name a few. We plan to tackle many more technical topics related to all the protocols we test, so check this section often.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera preview

Speaker evaluation joins DXOMARK’s testing suite

Introducing DXOMARK’s new testing playlist, and the...

Google Pixel 5 camera preview

Audio matters in smartphones and here’s why

How do algorithms listen to music?

Audio testing insights: DXOMARK’s audio clips

Crosscall interview: Rugged smartphones, designed in Europe

What is Audio Zoom for smartphones?

OnePlus 8 Pro camera preview

Introducing DXOMARK’s anechoic chamber

Smartphones vs Cameras: Closing the gap on image quality

Smartphone audio for journalists: Interview with Marc...

This is why we test smartphone audio quality: recording a...

The Nokia 9 PureView penta-camera: How it works

Multi-camera smartphones: Benefits and challenges

Interview: Blackbab, beauty influencer

Interview: Saverio Lombardi Vallauri

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