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Samsung Galaxy S23+
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Samsung Galaxy S23+ Display test

This device has been retested in the latest version of our protocol. Overall, sub-scores and attributes are up to date. For detailed information, check the What’s New article

We put the Samsung Galaxy S23+ through our rigorous DXOMARK Display test suite to measure its performance across six criteria. In this test results, we will break down how it fared in a variety of tests and several common use cases.

The Samsung S23 series has some of the best-performing displays currently on the market. Regardless of which S23 model you choose, the display experience will be quite similar and quite good, particularly in video, where every model achieved the same score. All models also exhibited “extra brightness” when “auto brightness” mode was deactivated on the device.

However, there were a few minor differences in the display performance of the 23+ that were noted during testing, some related to the model’s different screen dimensions as well as to the design and tuning of the display.

The S23+ finds itself between the basic S23 and the S23 Ultra when it comes to screen size. While the S23+ showed a good maximum brightness of 1500 nits when viewing photos on the screen (under 20.000 lux), this brightness, however, was 100 nits lower than the S23 and 270 nits lower than the S23 Ultra. This cost the S23+ some valuable points in readability. In the touch attribute, the 23+ outperformed the S23 Ultra as the smaller device was able to better manage corner touches. However, the S23+’s touch performance could not outperform the S23’s even slightly smaller screen in the touch attribute.

With many of the measurements being nearly identical to those of the Galaxy S23, we direct you to the full summary of the Samsung Galaxy S23 display test results.


Key display specifications:

  • 6.6 inches AMOLED, (~89.9% screen-to-body ratio)
  • Dimensions: 157.8 x 76.2 x 7.6 mm (6.21 x 3.00 x 0.30 inches)
  • Resolution: 2340 x 1080 pixels, (~393 ppi density)
  • Aspect ratio: 19.5:9
  • Refresh rate: 120 Hz


Sub-scores and attributes included in the calculations of the global score.

Samsung Galaxy S23+ Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus (Snapdragon)









  • Good readability in most lighting conditions
  • Very good video experience overall
  • Excellent uniformity


  • Low flicker frequency and too-high brightness for night reading
  • Under sunlight, colorful content lacks nuances
  • Aliasing is visible when playing video games
Luminance under various lighting conditions
Contrast under various lighting conditions
Luminance uniformity measurement

This graph shows the uniformity of the display with a 20% gray pattern. The more visible the green color, the more uniform the display.

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