Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus review: Premium specs, top-end performance

DxOMark Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is the latest model in the Korean manufacturer’s Galaxy S line of high-end smartphones. It comes with a similar dual-camera setup as the Galaxy Note 8, but adds a variable-aperture lens on the main camera. In dim conditions, the camera uses a very fast f/1.5 aperture to maximize light capture. In brighter light, it switches to a slower f/2.4 aperture value for optimized detail and sharpness. Add a 2x optical zoom on the secondary camera and a super-slow-motion video mode into the mix, and the S9+ offers one of the most comprehensive smartphone imaging feature sets available today. Read our full report to find out how the camera performed in our DxOMark Mobile test.

Key camera specifications:

  • 12Mp main camera with 1/2.55″ sensor and f/1.5 / f/2.4 variable aperture lens
  • 12Mp secondary camera with 1/3.6″ sensor, 2x tele and f/2.4 aperture lens
  • OIS for both lenses
  • Dual-pixel PDAF on main camera
  • LED flash
  • 4K video at 60fps
  • 720p super-slow-motion video at 960 fps

About DxOMark Mobile tests: For scoring and analysis in our smartphone camera reviews, DxOMark engineers capture and evaluate over 1500 test images and more than 2 hours of video both in controlled lab environments and in natural indoor and outdoor scenes, using the camera’s default settings. This article is designed to highlight the most important results of our testing. For more information about the DxOMark Mobile test protocol, click here. More details on how we score smartphone cameras are available here.

Test summary

With an overall DxOMark score of 99 points, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus takes the number one spot in our Mobile ranking, edging out the Google Pixel 2 by just one point. The S9 Plus comes with a camera that hasn’t got any obvious weaknesses and performs very well across all photo and video test categories. The Photo score of 104 points is the best we’ve seen so far. At 91 points the video score is a little lower but still among the best, making the new Samsung an ideal choice for any mobile users who want the best possible still image quality without compromising on video.

Bright light

Galaxy S9 images show bright colors and low levels of noise in all conditions.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus camera produces excellent results in good light and sunny conditions. Colors are bright and vivid and exposures are good, with a very wide dynamic range. Samsung has also struck a very good balance between noise reduction and retention of detail. The levels of fine detail are not up with the very best, but fine textures are still rendered nicely and image noise management is outstanding, with very limited grain in blue skies and other areas of plain color. The autofocus isn’t the very fastest we have tested, but it’s more than fast enough not to be an issue for any user. It is also reliable and generally produces repeatable results, although we did find the occasional out-of-focus image among the hundreds of sample images captured during our testing.

The S9 Plus camera does not have any serious weaknesses, but if there is one point to criticize, it’s artifacts. Bright-light images show purple fringing on high-contrast edges and pretty noticeable ringing halos. The corners are also a little softer than the center, and we have seen some slight blue or pink color casts in bright light. These are fairly minor issues, however, and overall, the Galaxy S9 Plus is an excellent bright-light performer.

Low light and Flash

The Samsung’s performance in dimmer conditions is equally impressive. As you’d expect, there is a reduction in fine detail as the camera has to increase sensitivity and/or use multi-frame stacking technology to adapt to lower light levels, but the S9 Plus keeps an excellent balance between noise and detail across all light levels. Exposure is also good down to very low light. Only at our very darkest 1 Lux test scene is a slight underexposure noticeable, but that’s no different than for most of the Samsung’s direct competitors. Some minor color shading also becomes visible in low-light shots, but it’s most noticeable in our studio test chart shots and very difficult to detect in any real-life shots.

The Galaxy S9 Plus records nice exposures with vivid color, accurate white balance, low noise, and good texture in low-light conditions.

When the light is too low to shoot without any illumination, the Galaxy S9 Plus’s LED flash can be a useful emergency option. Flash images show good exposure and the same good detail/noise trade-off as non-flash images. The auto white balance system also produces fairly accurate results, and the only real drawback of using the flash in portraits is the camera’s tendency to produce a red-eye effect.

Flash exposure is good, but a red-eye effect can be visible.

Zoom and Bokeh

With a similar dual-camera setup as our current leader in the zoom category, the S9 Plus’s stablemate Galaxy Note 8, it’s no surprise that the new model is capable of achieving excellent results when zooming in. Resolution and detail are quite impressive up to a 4x zoom factor. In addition, the Samsung’s zoom images are noticeably cleaner than those of the direct competitors.

In the comparison below, you can see that the S9 Plus achieves better detail, with fewer artifacts and lower levels of noise at a 4x zoom factor, than the Apple iPhone X. The Google Pixel 2 performs admirably for a single-lens camera, but without a dedicated tele-lens, it cannot compete with the Samsung and Apple models.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 4x zoom
Apple iPhone X 4x zoom
Google Pixel 2 4x zoom

Thanks to the dual-camera setup, the Galaxy S9 Plus also produces nice “bokeh-simulation” images. Blur extends not only to the back of a scene but also to the foreground, and both blur strength and transitions create a pleasant look. Subject isolation is good as well, but under closer inspection, some minor segmentation artifacts tend to be visible around the foreground subject, and dynamic range is a little more limited in bokeh mode than in standard shooting mode.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus bokeh mode
Apple iPhone X bokeh mode
Google Pixel 2 bokeh mode

Photo scores explained

With a total photo score of 104, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus achieves the highest score for still images in our testing yet. The overall Photo score is calculated from sub-scores in tests that examine different aspects of its performance under different lighting conditions. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at these image quality sub-scores.

Exposure and Contrast (91)

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Pus camera delivers good target exposure in all light conditions, down to very low light. Thanks to an efficient Auto HDR system kicking in when needed, dynamic range is very good as well. The Samsung’s only only downside in terms of exposure are slight exposure variances when taking a series of images of the same scene. At 91 points, the Galaxy S9 Plus achieves an excellent score in this category, but the aforementioned variances are the main reason it does not quite match the Google Pixel 2’s 95 points.

You can see a dynamic range comparison among the Galaxy S9 Plus, the iPhone X, and the Google Pixel 2 in the samples below. The Samsung achieves the widest dynamic range — especially noticeable in the highlight areas of the frame, where a lot of detail is preserved. In some scenes the effect can be very strong, however, resulting in a slightly unnatural look. This, however, is pretty much a question of personal preference.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
Apple iPhone X
Google Pixel 2

The Galaxy S9 Plus deals very well with difficult high-contrast scenes, such as the backlit window shot below. The camera manages to strike a very good balance between exposing the foreground well and maintaining a good amount of detail in the brighter background.

Target exposure in this backlit window is very good. A lot of detail is maintained in the bright background and the foreground.

The test chart shot below was captured at an extremely low light level of 1 Lux. The Galaxy S9 Plus image is slightly underexposed, but is still very much usable and in line with most direct competitors for these light conditions.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus extreme low-light (1 Lux) test chart exposure.

Color (81)

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus camera generally delivers good color in all shooting conditions. Some points are deducted for occasionally visible slight pink or blue color casts in outdoor scenes, caused by the auto white balance system. The color responses of the three cameras in our comparison below are fairly similar, and the differences are mainly due to variance in exposure.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
Apple iPhone X
Google Pixel 2

Color shading is pretty much a non-issue on the Samsung and is noticeable only in some low-light shots, such as our 20 Lux tungsten studio chart capture below on the right. Even under close inspection, no color shading is evident in bright-light shots, such as the outdoor scene on the left.

No color shading is noticeable in bright-light shots.
Slight color shading (pink at the center, green at the edges of the frame) is visible in this studio shot captured under 20 Lux tungsten light.

Autofocus (91)

The Galaxy S9 Plus autofocus system is not the very fastest we have tested, but close to the best, and also produces very repeatable results. That said, we did find the occasional out-of-focus image in our samples in all light conditions. The chart below shows the Samsung’s autofocus performance in low light (20 Lux). Both the level of acutance and the focusing time are very consistent for short and longer delays between refocusing.

Defocusing between each shot and then requesting focus, the Galaxy S9 Plus was quick to respond in low light (20 Lux), with the average delay around 320ms.

Texture (67)

Texture and noise are heavily interlinked, which is why it makes sense to look at the two test criteria in conjunction. And it’s fair to say that for the Galaxy S9 Plus, the Samsung camera engineers have found an excellent compromise between detail retention and noise reduction. Detail is generally rendered nicely, but under close inspection, some finer textures are noticeably smeared and blurred by noise reduction. Noise levels are low in bright light and low-light conditions alike, however, and the overall trade-off is very good.

The Samsung’s trade-off between detail and noise reduction is excellent.

In the 1000 Lux comparison crops below, we can see that the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus captures very good detail but lags very slightly behind the class-leading Google Pixel 2.

Crop of image from Samsung Galaxy S9 at 1000 Lux.
Crop of image from Apple iPhone X at 1000 Lux.
Crop of image from Google Pixel 2 at 1000 Lux.

At a low light level of 20 Lux, the Samsung captures the cleanest picture of the comparison, but levels of detail and fine textures are again a touch higher on the Google device.

Crop of image from Samsung Galaxy S9 at 20 Lux.
Crop of image from Apple iPhone X at 20 Lux.
Crop of image from Google Pixel 2 at 20 Lux.

Noise (79)

At 79 points, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus achieves the best score for noise of all devices we have tested so far. As you can see in the sample crops below, in bright light at 1000 Lux, the Samsung image is noticeably cleaner and smoother than the Apple and Google counterparts. The S9 Plus maintains its noise advantage across all light levels, and the 5 Lux image in the bottom row is impressively noise-free, considering the dim conditions. Both the iPhone X and the Google Pixel 2 capture noticeably grainier images. On the downside, the Samsung’s aggressive chroma noise reduction can erase some fine color details.

Crop of image from Samsung Galaxy S9 at 1000 Lux.
Crop of image from Apple iPhone X at 1000 Lux.
Crop of image from Google Pixel 2 at 1000 Lux.
Crop of image from Samsung Galaxy S9 at 5 Lux.
Crop of image from Apple iPhone X at 5 Lux.
Crop of image from Google Pixel 2 at 5 Lux.

Artifacts (62)

Image artifacts on the Galaxy S9 Plus are by no means terrible, but the artifacts category is the device’s weakest point in our testing. Purple fringing on high-contrast edges close to saturation and ringing halos are quite noticeable when zooming in to a 100% view. Images also display slight corner softness, vignetting, and flare. The latter two are fairly minor imperfections, however, and not noticeably worse than for other devices in this category.

Fringing on high-contrast edges and some ringing are fairly noticeable under close inspection.

Flash (86)

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus camera is capable of capturing good flash images, with a good detail/noise trade-off, decent exposure, and generally decent white balance. Slight variance in exposure is noticeable between individual frames when shooting a series of flash images, and slight color casts can be noticeable when mixing flash illumination with low 5 Lux tungsten light. Sometimes a red-eye effect is visible, too, but overall, the Galaxy S9 Plus performs very well when shooting with the LED flash activated.

Flash exposure without any additional light sources.
Flash exposure at 5 Lux tungsten illumination.

Zoom (65)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is our currently best-performing smartphone in the zoom category, and the Galaxy S9 Plus performs pretty much on the same level as its larger stablemate. Zoom resolution is quite impressive up to a 4x magnification factor, making the new Samsung an excellent choice for those who make frequent use of their smartphone camera’s zoom feature. The only negative point is some small variance in terms of detail between shots taken in succession at higher zoom ratios.

As you can see in the sample crops below, the Galaxy S9 Plus zoom images compare very well against the high-end competition from Apple and Google. The S9 Plus image is noticeably the sharpest and most detailed in our comparison.

Crop of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus image using zoom at mid-range under 1000 Lux lighting.
Crop of iPhone X image using zoom at mid-range under 1000 Lux lighting.
Crop of Google Pixel 2 image using zoom at mid-range under 1000 Lux lighting.

Results are very similar for the long-range (approximately 6x zoom factor) real-life shots below. The Samsung comes with a dual-cam setup similar to that of the iPhone X, but still manages to squeeze visible more detail out of the scene. With its single-lens camera, the Pixel 2 cannot compete with the other two models.

Samsung Galaxy S9 zoom at long range.
iPhone X zoom at long range.
Google Pixel 2 zoom at long range.

Bokeh (50)

In its portrait or bokeh mode, the Galaxy S9 Plus is capable of capturing images that simulate the “DSLR-look” quite well. Unlike some of its competitors, the Samsung’s portrait mode images show pleasant blur with smooth transitions that also extend to the foreground of the scene. On the downside, some segmentation artifacts are often visible around finer elements of the foreground subject, and there is a strong loss of detail in indoor and low-light conditions. The latter is very visible in the sample below if you click through to the full-sized version.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus bokeh mode
Apple iPhone X bokeh mode
Google Pixel 2 bokeh mode

Detail is noticeably better when using the mode in bright-light conditions, but some segmentation artifacts, such as the ones around the hand of our subject below, remain.

Bokeh mode produces pleasant blur, but some segmentation artifacts are usually noticeable — for example, around the hand of our subject in this picture.

Video scores explained

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus achieves a Video score of 91 points, making it one of the best smartphones for videography we have tested. The overall Video score is calculated using a range of sub-scores to give us some indication of the device’s pros and cons for shooting moving images: Exposure (83), Color (88), Autofocus (87), Texture (50), Noise (74), Artifacts (80), and Stabilization (86).

Unlike for stills, the S9 Plus is not the number one for video, but still delivers very good sub-scores all around. Its bright and vivid colors are the best for all devices tested in video mode; target exposure is good, with fast convergence in changing light conditions; and the autofocus system works reliably and swiftly in all situations. Testers also liked the stabilization; and as with stills, efficient noise reduction is one of the camera’s strong points.

On the downside, fine detail in video footage isn’t on the same level as the very best, and ringing and moiré artifacts are often visible. We also noticed occasional stepping during exposure convergence in changing light levels, and the stabilization system isn’t quite capable of eliminating all motion and shaking when walking with the camera while recording.

Conclusion: Samsung sets the pace

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a smartphone without any real weaknesses in the camera department. In both still and video modes, it performs well across the board, delivering consistently good photo and video image quality in all light and shooting situations, thus earning itself our highest DxOMark Mobile score to date. Add one of the best smartphone zooms and a capable bokeh simulation mode to the mix, and the Galaxy S9 Plus is difficult to ignore for any photo-minded smartphone user. With the Galaxy S9 Plus, Samsung is setting the pace for 2018. We’ll see if the competition can follow suit.

DxOMark mobile
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
DxOMark Mobile
DxOMark Mobile


  • Noise is very well-controlled in all conditions
  • Fairly good detail in outdoor and indoor shooting conditions
  • Quite fast and accurate autofocus
  • Bright and vivid colors in most situations
  • Excellent resolution when zooming up to 4x magnification


  • Brights and vivid colors
  • Generally good target exposure and fast exposure transition
  • Stable and fast autofocus
  • Good noise reduction all conditions
  • Good stabilization


  • Occasional exposure instabilities
  • Noticeable ringing, color fringing, and loss of sharpness in the field
  • Slight color casts occasionally noticeable


  • Occasional visible stepping during exposure convergence
  • Loss of fine details in most conditions
  • Visible residual global motion
  • Quite strong ringing and moiré
  • Nikola Puljecovic

    HI ! From my angle, from these images, what the human eye can definitely lock in – Google Pixel 2. Indeed, the phones are made to watch their eyes, so ignoring the display that is somewhat worse with Pixel, I think the Pixel camera is better. No conversation. But that’s all an individual thing now and who likes it anyway. Some even more fussy photos are more like.
    On the other hand, the pixel camera is far more advanced since they have managed to create a portrait effect with a single lens. Certainly google would not play with it. Further, the colors are cleaner and more crisp on the RAW pad, so you can do more processing.

    • Nymenon

      Subjectively most would probably pick the Pixel 2 specially due to its boosted contrast and white balance, but based on objective information like how much information is conserved, and noise levels etc. the S9 comes top.

      • Gamod

        the noise level can be low but hte smooth effect is way higher, the lost of detail is higher too in people’s face… in that picture there on top u can barely see the nose of the woman.

        • Nymenon

          Yea in live focus mode, it really amps up the skin softening. It’s an intentional effect because the Koreans and the Asian market digs it. I do wish they give us an option to disable it though.

        • Administration S-6

          that’s because of the auto beauty mode that’s now embedded to the auto camera

      • Tariq Saleem

        All that’s happening there is that the s9 is applying very aggressive noise reduction which is causing it to lose detail.

        Pixel 2 def still does a better job at capturing detail which is more important then noise reduction. As a photographer you can then choose what you want to do with the pic if you have extra detail captured.

        • Administration S-6

          Everyone claims to be a photographer now a days so that’s not really something make you creditable expert in this.

          • Tariq Saleem

            Been only doing it for 15 odd years – and I agree still a long way to go 🙂

            the beauty about Photography is that there is science and then there is what looks good to an individual. What matters is that you are personally happy with the images you capture with the camera of your choice.

            I take you are a samsung fan 🙂 – I dont have loyalty to samsung or google when it comes to a camera – all I care about is photography. Was just trying to explain science behind noise reduction and how different companies prioritize different things. Samsung in this case is sacrificing detail in order to keep noise down – Google on the other hand lets noise in in-order to keep details and does an amazing job at that. The amount I can push Pixel in post processing – specially low light shots – is way ahead of any phone out there. Ofcourse I havent personally used the s9 so cant comment on that yet. but the same images from dxo seems to suggest pixel will beat it in dynamic range.

            One thing I will be keen to try is how s9 works in pro mode where I can keep the iso low and then let s9 do its 12 shots merge magic.

  • Ömer Faruk Erdal

    are you guys blind lmao, those yellow and soft photos makes the s9 camera better than the pixel 2?

    • Nikola Puljecovic

      I agree. Definitely pixel 2.

      • Math

        They tested pixel 2 before the activation of Visual Core so it isn’t possible to compare to S9 plus.

        • Synergetic

          The Pixel does not use the visual core in it’s own photos it’s for 3rd party apps like Snapchat .

          • Math

            My bad you tell the truth and i think it’s a really big mistake from Google!

          • Anindya Ani

            only the handsets they(DxOmark) used for checking image quality are the demo sets. The demo sets haven’t gotten the final software versions.

          • Synergetic

            The Pixel does not use it Google said so themselves… What are you trying to tell me. Everyone already knows this it’s in the introduction with every phone .

        • Gamod

          Pixel 2 looks better than S9 plus overall, just not in zoom (*which is normal).

        • Nymenon

          The Visual Core is just for 3rd party apps. It’s not meant to improve the main camera.

    • Hairy Armpits

      Zoom in photos, pixel 2 photos look bad, but you will never notice through your mobile display.

    • András Bőszin

      Its not that, but they calculate the points according to several aspects. They did not say S9 is better but check the conclusions side by side.
      Contrast, color, exposure, texture Pixel wins. But there is the 30 points discrepancy in zoom cuz of the lack of the tele lens and another 20 in noise.
      It is what it is.

      • Lukas

        Nicely said. It’s about preference. Me personally. I would always trade bit more details and better texture for bit more noise, unless it is too intrusive. Rather have wide angle lens than zoom lens. But I know there are some noise purists and zoom enthusiasts (even we are talking about “only” 2x zoom when actual gain in picture quality is there, but debatable if it’s worth extra money, it there would be at least 5x zoom it would be more beneficial for me personally, but of course we are limited by form factor and physics).

      • Jm

        it’s unfair when they say this phone has the best camera on the market yet the only category its better is in zooming which 90% of the time isn’t getting used. They need to fix their rating system

    • Nymenon

      Click on the images and view the raw images. The S9 has much better detail.

      • Gamod

        I see more detail and sharpness in Pixel 2. We are clearly not seeing the same thing here 🙂 I did check in full size in. are you focusing in the photos with zoom? Coz that one doesn’t count, pixel 2 doesnt have a second camera for zoom, s9+ has a second camera dedicated for that.

        • Nymenon

          Yep. The bokeh one doesn’t count because the S9 is using its secondary camera which doesn’t have the DRAM embedded sensor, for multi-frame processing.

          The other photos are pretty even in terms of detail, just differences in different sharpening and contrasts applied.

  • Wookad Pung

    Can you test camera for normal S9? I want to know much much the extra camera affects the image quality.

    • Gamod

      It will affect the zoom, the rest will probably be the same.

  • In my opinion, Pixel 2 get some better images quality, especially in portrait mode and outdoor pictures.
    Colors are more naturals and details more present than on the iPhone or the GS9+.

    • Nymenon

      It also looks the most artificial in some cases. The artificial contrast boost is too much sometimes.

      • Sure ! But I do prefer artificial looks in some pictures than oversaturated ones in all cases.
        GS9+ has a great camera but maybe it will be even better with the Pixel’s camera’s software

    • Cyborg Deniz

      the same opinion.

    • Gamod

      Agree with you, way more impressive and sharp. More detail in the pictures overall (not in the zoom though which is understandable coz s9+ has a dedicated camera for that)

      • John Smith

        The use of sharpening was something we used to see on previous Galaxy phones, and everyone complained and moaned back then. Now everyone loves it on the Pixel. Artificial sharpening doesn’t make it a better camera, it’s just a software trick.

        • Maybe that’s because it’s more efficient on the pixel2 than it was on the others galaxy phones ?
          Smartphone photo sensors have evolved since we were complaining about the sharpening on galaxy (even if I’ve never heard about that)

    • Uzik

      1 camera vs 2 cameras. And still better

      • Better software on the Pixel but I hope this camera software may be tweaked on Galaxy smartphones 🙂

    • Niteesh

      Just click on the photos to see them at full size. I bet your opinion will change

  • joba1204

    I have noticed in almost all Galaxy S9/ S9+ samples that they look ‘flat’, especially when compared to the Pixel 2. They seem to aggressively work with noise, fine color tones, shadows, and thus details. The result is less pleasing to MY eyes.

    • Nymenon

      Yep, the Pixel 2 almost looks like it has a filter applied in comparison, and most people prefer that.

    • dazed1

      Its because they tonned down the sharpening almost completley, they look very photo realistic now, other then the pinkish tint, which can be adressed via update.

      What you look at first glance, is sharpening, and contrast boost which makes you think that the photo on the Pixel is better, well – other then the dynamic range, no – it is not.

    • John Smith

      Everyone hated sharpening on previous Galaxy phones, now everyone says they like it on the Pixel. The bias and stupidity is at an all time high.

      • Commentator


  • Nogarder

    Money money

  • Stu S

    As an amateur photographer, I very rarely accept a picture straight from any of my cameras (Canon 5D MkIV, 7DMkII and others) so I would want the camera that produces the best basic image that can be processed without losing quality. The S9+ has lower noise and clearly, to me, will produce the best images post processing compared to what can be achieved doing the same with the iPhone and Pixel 2.

    • Nymenon

      The S9 has built in RAW mode inside the PRO mode too.

      • Stu S

        If that is the case, then the S9 will ultimately be able to produce far better pictures. I gather from other comments that most people are not photographers and will accept whatever a cameras inbuilt software will do. Lazy, 2nd rate but good enough for most. I’ll go with the actual best camera.

  • Gamod

    Pixel looks better in most cases, not on the zoom which is normal due to second camera on s9+. Overall, I really prefer the detail and sharpness of Pixel 2. It looks way better. S9+ is really disappointing, expected much more. Sadly, the camera is not re-imaged. Just re-branded.

    • rmagruder

      If you compare sub scores for stills, Pixel beats S9 in SIX of NINE of them. The S9 wins in zoom, bokeh and noise. So, prioritize. If the 3 wins are more important than the 6 losses, get an S9, otherwise, get a Pixel 2.

      • Administration S-6

        Pixel HDR+ enhances the photos in the area that you mention is similar to artfically enhancing the performance to cheat benchmarks. HDR+ is pretty much software steroids.

    • Niteesh

      Click on the photos and see them zoomed at 1:1, you will see the difference. S9 is so much better in detail and sharpness. Especially in the Bokey Mode photos. Outside it looks like Pixel is better but once you zoom in its night and day difference

    • Jm

      just imagine when Pixel 3 has variable ap and a second rear camera

    • Shane

      Go back and look at those photos again. There’s so much more noise in the Pixel pictures. The S9 despite not being as sharp as the Pixel has better noise control in every picture.

      Look at the picture with the girl wearing the grey hoodie. It’s supposed to be a grey hoodie but why are there blue and brown artifacts in it? Now look at the S9s pic with the hoodie, it’s very consistent with no noise. Look at the bokeh on the Pixel as well, inconsistent blurring all around the girl.

      Take a look at the picture under the “Exposure or Contrast” comparison or the pictures under the “Color” comparison. Same thing is happening. There’s a lot of noise in the red ceiling and in the brown column.

      The lack of noise in the Galaxy S9 produces an overall higher quality image. You wouldn’t think noise would be that big of a deal, initially I didn’t think so either but here we can see it in the pictures that it really does. I just think most people on here, myself included, are so used to seeing noise in our phone cameras that when one phone camera dramatically reduces that noise we’re oblivious to it.

  • Lukas

    Wondering… who can possibly like S9 (99 DXO points – photo 104) image over LG V30 (82 DXO points – photo 87)?

    Link to comparison image side by side(left V30, right S9 plus):

    Full images here:

    S9 is a blurry, flat mess lacking any sort of fine detail. When comparing these 2 pictures from DXO mark reviews.

    • Nymenon

      because the V30 has an awful dynamic range, and it’s over-sharpening (which will make amateurs think it has better detail).

      • Lukas

        Samsung S series are over-sharpening as well and even more than V series. In addition to that S series have very aggressive noise reduction resulting on loss of details in contrast to Pixel 2 for example and V series as well. True, dynamic range is something V series lacks, on sensor as well as in post processing. But that you can partially compensate using google’s camera with google HDR+ algorithms + it works for wide angle camera as well (I believe first and currently only HDR+ wide angle camera on whole world), including portrait mode working on all three cameras, front, rear and wide (using cstark27_GCam_5.1.018_24_TAT_v3.apk and cstark27_GCam_5.1.018_24_TAT_v3_wide_beta1.apk from XDA Developers forums)

    • bort118

      Lmao! Those photos are taken in different seasons or something, the V30 has more leaves on the tree to the left!!! Of course they will look wildly different. Bad comparison.

  • TinusVerdino

    Who cares about stupid smartphone camera’s. Test more real camera’s

    • Lukas

      Who wants to carry dead weight on his/her neck or shoulder all the time? “Real” cameras are only good if you know and plan, what you are going to shoot. Otherwise best camera is one that you have with you, when you want to take a shot. DSLR’s and even smaller and lighter mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras are simply not pocket size/weight and never will be.

    • Well that’s a particularly ignorant mindset stemming from what’s obviously a personal and not at all a reasonable/objective issue. You want to know who cares about “stupid smartphone cameras”? The people who will buy the S9/S9+ ALONE will greatly outnumber the people who buy DSLRs this year, as they have for probably quite some time when it comes to the Galaxy S line-up. Those people care. See how easy that was when you’re not acting butthurt for some reason? Add all other phone manufacturers (even just their flagships) and overall DSLRs (or I’d argue even regular cameras) are just a speck of dust in comparison. As for the “stupid” part, I don’t think you understand how technologically advanced these phone cameras are and how amazing the engineering behind them is.

      I’m a little surprised to still see this kind of comments in 2018. It’s like… where have you been living for the past decade? How can you still scoff at smartphone cameras?

      • TinusVerdino

        Ignorance is when you think you can shoot good pictures with a phone. A whole generation will have crappy memories because they shot everything with a mediocre smartphone camera.

        • SerKnight

          Crappy memories? How? As far as I know, memories are stored in brain and depends on the individual.

        • JeffColorado

          I own a DSLR…you greatly exaggerate the differences. The memories are hardly crappy. Have you even used a smartphone camera since 2011? LOL

          • TinusVerdino

            Owning a dslr hardly makes you an authority

        • Well, see, now you’ve got everyone thinking one of two things: you’re either a troll, or just really dumb. Good luck with that.

          • TinusVerdino

            Sure personal attacks when you run out of arguments.You lose buster!

          • Don’t really see it as a personal attack, merely a statement of how you’ve divided people with your opinions. Personally, I think you’re trolling. So… no personal attacks there. And I see I’m not the only one. If you really are genuine, what does it say about your opinions when people have an easier time believing you’re messing with them than believing such opinions could be genuinely held by someone.

            As for running out of arguments, I literally argued against your opinions in my first comment, arguments which you completely ignored. Speaking of arguments, what actual arguments have you brought forward? You just said smartphone cameras are stupid and they don’t shoot good pictures, and that’s it.

            Who did you say “lost”, “buster”?

        • Zratul

          I am an amateur photographer but I don’t like your way of thinking.

          Sure for granted, a Mirrorless or a DSLR beats those phones without any problems on a lot of areas except one which is probably one criteria that could be the most weighted one:
          – do you actually have your camera on you?

          “A whole generation will have crappy memories because they shot everything with a mediocre smartphone camera.”.
          > I would answer, it’s better to have “crappy” memories shot with a 2014-2018 smartphone (I agree that before that was really awful) than no memories at all because your DSLR is at home because you didn’t think it would be a good idea to bring it with you on your way to work or any random place.

          The best camera is the one you have with you when you need it.

          There are of course some situations like: traveling when you can go out with your gear and took much better pictures than with your phone I agree.
          But for everyday’s moments, nothing can beat a smartphone camera, just because it is in your pocket.

          In my “portfolio” my best shots are the ones taken with my DSLR but there are quite a lot of shots taken from a Smartphone (especially landscapes or urban pictures).

          • And also the question is how “people” store and use their photos nowadays and how do they watch them ? they are stored locally or online, using jpeg compression, often reduced to some very low resolution, viewed on small smartphones and/or uncalibrated screens, so they do not care about producing “state of the art” photos.

    • Andra Febrian

      Most people in this world is using smartphone cameras to capture everyday stuff. You just happened to live in a different world.

    • bort118

      Lots of people, pipe down.

  • e7ea

    Please review the normal S9.

    I am picking either the S9 or the S9+ solely based on the camera. I want to know how much the difference between the two is, if significant.

    • Nymenon

      You won’t get optical zoom or good bokeh. Otherwise it’s the same.

      • Jm

        If it doesn’t get good zoom and bokeh then the score would dip so hard

    • krazyfrog

      There is no difference between the two. The primary cameras on both are identical. The S9+ only adds a telephoto lens.

    • miguelsilvaphotography

      If you’re picking samsung for the camera then you are wrong dude

  • Suhas J (Tri-Guy44)

    This is quite disappointing seeing that the s9 only got a 99 compare to qualcomm’s promises of above 100 for any phone with snapdragon 845. Bad on Samsung’s part.

    • Commentator


      • Suhas J (Tri-Guy44)

        I mean the “camera reimagined” only got one point more than the Google pixel. And also the video score is very low for phone that supports has HDR video. It’s honestly sad. Also, zoom score is a step down.

        • dazed1

          Are you blind or? in almost every photo S9 beat Pixel and Ipx, look at the pictures, and ignore the sharpening and contrast boost of pixel 2.

          • Nikola Puljecovic

            You have no idea what you’re talking about. Looks like you’re a blind fan of a samsung because you probably burst a lot of money for the same, so you’re unhappy and now you want to justify your bum. Definitely – PIXEL 2 XL is the best smartphone camera ever and now and in the future!

          • dazed1

            Pixel user detected, lol.

          • Shane

            Why you so upset though? 😂

          • PRDiddy

            LOL are you blind? The S9 only beat the Pixel in one or 2 of the samples.

          • Shane

            Agreed. The lack of noise in a picture is more important than I thought.

  • Debojit Mandal

    i still don t understand dxo mark scores in videos i have read it multiple times . pls can u explain me how the google pixel beats the s9 or s8 or note 8 or the iphone x in exposure . And also the noise bcs the galaxy stoms everyone in low light video

    • Nicholas “M” Berardi

      I think the comparison of images speak for themselves… pixel has much more appealing colors and clarity

      • Nymenon

        He is talking about videos. Even Verge said Note8 took better videos than Pixel 2.

  • dazed1

    Can you PLEASE stop posing different scenes in every review?

    How can we compare the locations/quality when they are not the same?

    • miguelsilvaphotography

      They are always the same man

  • rmagruder

    The big problem here is that while Pixel 2 wins in 6 of 9 subscores, the S9 winning 3 apparently outweighs the 6 for the total score. I don’t agree with this, but that’s DxoMark’s choice. The second issue is that Pixel is primarily software driven from a camera standpoint. Google has been busy updating the camera, and there’s also the RAISR technology for Zoom. The Pixel scores are quite possibly already obsolete due to software enhancements from Google, but who knows. Google may yet be able to do some software magic on the noise and literally improve their score here, in software alone.

    • Administration S-6

      Same can be said about the s9 since this is a beta software aka pre-production software not retail version software.

    • Nymenon

      That’s because the Pixel 2 is winning by 2 points in areas like flash and artifacts. Where as the S9 is leading by 20 points in a much higher weighted area like Noise.

      • Shane

        I didn’t realize how much noise was in the Pixel pictures until I seen the Pixel and S9s pics side by side.

    • Jm

      They are also missing the fact that the Pixel 2 XL social media cameras are the best in an Android phone, especially Snapchat because of Pixel Visual Core. S9 will be still shitty like the rest of the Android phones

    • miguelsilvaphotography

      Samsung supposedly performs better in noise performance, but for a photographer, that kind of aggressive noise reduction it has is a drawback not an advantage

  • arun s

    we want nokia 8 sirocco test result

  • Kaleb Wilson

    I think Samsung deserves to get this score. Alot of you are so butthurt and set in your ways that you can’t accept that the current Samsung is better than the current pixel. This is coming from a pixel 2xl user, however while I believe this one is slightly better now, just wait until the pixel 3 comes out and destroys this. 😉

    • Stoil Dim

      And by that logic, just you wait for the S10 to come, that pixel 3 is a goner.

      • Kaleb Wilson

        Not necessarily. The pixel three could be so much better, and the S10 may not even have a much better camera than the s9. I say this because of the new modes and algorithms Samsung has added, and to add to that: their variable aperture camera. I say this because it’s true, but it isn’t true for every single camera release.

        • Dubs816

          The same prediction could be applied to the next Pixel 3 not having a much better camera than the Pixel 2.

      • Pranav Agarwal

        You do understand that phones are compared on thensame platform, right? S8/S8+ with Pixel 2 on Snapdagron 835 and S9/S9+ with Pixel 3 on Snapdagron 845

    • PRDiddy

      I just read this article with my coworker…i have a Pixel 2 XL and he has the Note 8 and even he agrees that the Pixel 2 samples are better than the S9. The exposures are totally off on the S9 and nowhere near as good a contrast as the Pixel 2 XL.

      • Jm

        The scores says that Pixel 2 XL has better exposure than S9+

    • JeffColorado

      Meh…the S9 camera really is awesome. But…according to DXO’s own scoring system, the Pixel 2 outclasses it in almost every category (some by a wide margin, like stabilization).

      • Niteesh

        But you can see it by yourself if you just click on the image and zoom it 1:1, Samsung has so much more detail than pixel in almost all photos.

        • Shane

          People are understating the score the S9 and the Pixel got for the noise category and how much it translates into real world pictures. You can see it in these test. The S9 takes a much less noiser picture when you look at the pictures full screen and it translates the pictures into looking just better in my opinion.

      • Nymenon

        The video scoring is bit funny. I’ve seen countless comparisons and Pixel 2 has compression artifacts and softer details than the Note8. Even Verge said Note8 had better details than the Pixel 2.

        As for photo scoring, the S9 really shines in handling noise. The Pixel 2 is trailing 20 points behind in Noise. So even if the Pixel 2 had an iPhone X like zoom, it would still have lower overall photo score than the S9.

    • miguelsilvaphotography

      Actually not really, many S9 scenes seemed blown out, specially that bokeh scene, and had a lot of artifacts when it comes to bokeh as well, and if you see the individual scores and not the cummulative one, Pixel does better on most except zoom (because s9 has a dedicated zoom lens) and noise performance, so I wouldn’t count the pixel 2 out any minute

  • Josh LaCelle

    A lot of Pixels owners are getting really hurt over this lol Come on people! If you love your Pixel camera why get so hurt? It is just a camera on a phone! All phone cameras suck compared to DSLRs. Ok, now go get a life everyone!

    • JeffColorado

      Look at the individual scores…the Pixel 2 outscores the S9 on almost everything, according to DXO’s own system.

      Have fun carrying around your DSLR wherever you go.

      • Josh LaCelle

        Jeff do you even know how to think!? Lol You people! I am fully aware of the breakdown scores between both smartphone cameras. That wasn’t my point. My point was people like you that are crying over a stupid smartphone camera!

      • Nymenon

        Pixel 2 outscores the S9 by 2 points in areas like flash and artifacts. Where as the S9 has a 20 points lead in a higher weighted area like Noise. Even if the Pixel 2 had bit better zoom score, it still wouldn’t match the S9.

    • Shane

      I do agree. It’s not that serious. 😂

  • CreeDiddy

    As a believer in Apple they really need to improve the camera with this years iPhone 5.8 and 6.5. In some ways, I feel the X is way to yellowish/warm in certain scenes.

  • Josh LaCelle

    Display is the main reason I am giving up my Pixel 2 XL. Besides that I would have stayed with Pixel. Camera, and hardware/software experience is unbeatable currently. Yes, I still think the Pixel has the better camera, slightly.

    • Jm

      You would go back when Android P comes out with some bad ass features. S9 won’t get it until S10 gets released

      • Josh LaCelle

        Badass features!? Hard to believe. Won’t change the screen that is for sure. I’ll go back to Pixel if the 3 is worth it. I’m not holding my breath.

        • Jm

          I’m sure it’s the same as Pixel 2 XL with wireless charging, second rear cam or a variable aperture lens, maybe a more pleasing design particularly the smaller model. If you hate the 2 then you might not like the 3 as well

          • Josh LaCelle

            If they use the same crappy screen, yeah, I probably won’t. But hoping Google realizes there mistake with using LGs inferior screens and find a better solution for the 3. Besides the screen there isn’t much you can hate about the Pixel.

          • Jm

            The screen issues will be fixed for sure. The newer Pixel 2 XL’s from the Google store have very minimal blue tint just in case you haven’t heard of it

          • Josh LaCelle

            I’m not talking about the blue tint. It is the grainy paper look the screens have. We aren’t in the 18th century. Screens shouldn’t look like a piece of paper. And for your information, I bought two Pixel 2 XLs from the Google store last month and both had the same exact display. So no Google is not fixing the displays, nor do they care.

          • Jm

            Not sure about those grains but the blue tints were being fixed. You might be unlucky if you got 2 bad ones maybe they sent you an older manufactured one

          • Josh LaCelle

            They were manufactured in December. Unlucky? Maybe. But all over Reddit and other forums say the same thing about the grain and tint issue not being fixed in later build dates. Like I said, the tint isn’t a big deal to me but the grain is.

          • Jm

            I don’t notice the grain. Is it the one in the camera viewfinder?

          • Josh LaCelle

            Look at the screen on a white or gray background. You’ll notice it. It seems to be more noticeable for some than others. Increasing the brightness does make it less noticeable.

          • Maxwell Benz

            I shopped around for the LGV30, and they also have similar control issues. I’ve heard it’s an LG issue as LG manufactures the phone if I’m not mistaken. So LG just doesn’t do well on panel control. From the LGV30 subreddit, people just keep returning the phone til they get one they like the display of sometime.

      • das

        shame newer versions of android does not actually offer anything new or important even 2 years down the line compared to what samsung firmware already has baked into their OS ,seems it takes stock android 3 years to put into the OS that samsung had for years such as floating video windows ,multi screen/spli tasking,easier sub menus and dialog selection boxes the list goes on and on

        • Jm

          but you get lag along with that Samsung OS

          • das


          • das

            not even my s7 lags and its 2 years old

        • ian twy

          Bad ass features? You mean that ugly virtual notch?? lololol Google made me laugh a lot since i saw that added feature. Beside, samsung will eventually get it and its not a big deal if it doesn’t i mean, what change will it ever get that will make it bad ass? Can you tell me the main differences between the android m and o? surely only the design, then what? Very mininal features. Compare that with 6gb ram, beautiful display, expandable storage, better camera with variable aperture, headphone jack and notch-free.

          • das

            well i went from s7 to s9 and i cant see any major OS differences

          • das

            samsung will never have a notch/screen cutout ,they had working transparent OLED displays for years now and they most likely will use that so pixels can turn OFF when u open the camera and back on again when closing the camera ,so the camera is under the display which they have already testedt on their oled window displays

  • Indrajith

    Guys just relax especially pixel 2 users because we know Google camera is the best camera in every year , in 2016 pixel was the best camera , in 2017 pixel 2 is best camera then of course in 2018 also pixel 3 is going go be the best camera of this year sure thing isn’t it

    • Jm

      When they add variable aperture, a good zooming lens and a secondary telephoto lens it might get a 110 score

    • Daniel R. Pinheiro

      I don’t thing we should compare “the best camera in every year”, because… there is a gap of 6 months between these two phones. Always the following device will be better than the previous one…

    • miguelsilvaphotography

      Pixel 2 still beats the S9 in everything but noise and zoom (this is obvious as it has a dedicated tele lens) and DXO gives the S9 5 more points in bokeh but I still seem to like pixel’s bokeh better somehow, so yeah I’m definitely not fazed by Samsung cameras at all

  • Indrajith

    As always Samsung comes with better camera at every year starting and Google beats it every year true fact

    • MrA

      Google just started beating it out starting Pixel. So last 2 generation, plus you have to give samsung props because they come out so early out in the year that Google has enough time to fine tune their Algorithms through use of ML.

  • JeffColorado

    Pixel 2 definitely has the better camera…but not in all areas. In the Bokeh samples above, the Pixel is clearly better than both other phones (look at the windows behind the woman on the right side of her face…way blown out. And the iPhone is dark AF…details in her face and hair are way better on the Pixel). The noise reduction on the S9 is very impressive though. And the s9 has FINALLY solved the problem with blown out backgrounds in normal mode photos. That has always been my main issue with Galaxy cameras, and until now they all did it. The autofocus and shutter speed of the Pixel 2 is also very very fast. And it has fused stabilization that you will definitely notice in video.

    In (Photo) Exposure, Contrast, Autofocus, Color, Texture, Artifacts and Flash the Pixel 2 outscored the S9 according to DXO. S9 only outperforms it for noise and zoom. For video, it outscores it on everything except color. Which is why it seems weird to me that the S9 has a higher overall score.

    Sohail Abbas – Touchwiz pollution is the main reason I’ll never own a Galaxy phone. Despite it’s “inferior” chipset, the Pixel has no problems spanking the Galaxy phones in UI speed and smoothness, and it will get guaranteed updates for 3 years…and much much faster updates than the Galaxy phones. Samsung produces great hardware that they ruin with their awful software.

    • Sohail Abbas

      I totally agree with you – Samsung are slow at releasing updates – still own a S7 (no oreo so far 🙁 )
      They sell many different variations of their smart phones, and their portfolio is huge in comparison to Apple. I was also tempted by the pixel but when I saw the major penny pinching and expectation that consumers will pay £600.

      Agree the Pixels camera is excellent but that should not alone warrant a purchase. There are a lot of other factors that need to be taken into account like below:

      – no headphone jack
      – major reliability issues for the display
      – 5″ 1080p screen only
      – only a 2700mah battery
      – no expandable storage
      – inferior chipset (snapdragon vs exynos)
      – Worse at low light than S9
      – No Iris Unlocking
      – No Dolby Atmos

      It’s like goggle just give the bar minimum 1080 x 1920 pixels in a 2017 flapship with 2700 mah battery. The exynos is 30% faster and will yield better battery due to being more efficient than snapdragon.

    • Andrei Blendea

      have you fucking hard of custom ROMs kernels and root.I have a 3 year old phone(S6) running samsung xperience ui and it works Perfect and Super smooth.I would choose a phone for its hardware not for its software which i can easily change or modify.I cant change the pixels ugly design and bad display…

    • all artificial bokeh effects are ugly because none can reproduce the realworld progessive focus loss slightly blurry to really blurry

      • grayisagirl c

        Agreed, every time I see pictures taken with portrait mode on a phone, I see the fake bokeh background, I puke

    • Shane

      Both cameras have their pros and cons in that picture. I think the the colors looked better on the Pixel. The details in the background look a bit better on the S9 like the detail in the ceiling, the column to the left and the camera on the column are all visible on the S9.

      I do agree on the blown out window though.

      The bokeh on the Pixel blurred out part of the girls hair on the right side. The Galaxy did a better job with that part but blurred out a part on her right sleeve in which the Pixel did a better job on.

      But you can see the detail on her pants and shirt more on the Pixel though.

      Just my .02 cents.

    • GCHQ

      Samsung is doing a similar approach that Google with the HDR+ but the S9 pictures are unnatural and oversharpened +200

    • Autobot1

      The thing is with Pixel 2..THe photo are not realistic. It is modified like using them in Snapseed. Its heavily modified.

  • Seems to me that the pixel 2 has the best picture quality foe point and shoot shots that are in not zoomed and in common lighting conditions. S9 is better zooming and low light, which isn’t a surprise given it has a zoom lens and the new variable aperture.

    • Shane

      The Pixel does have a bit more noise than the S9. Making the S9 have the better overall pictures in most cases to me.

      For example, look at the picture of the girl wearing the grey hoodie. There’s quite a bit of noise in the hoodie on the Pixel than it is in the S9. There just seems to be more consistency in the detail of the hoodie in the S9s pic. It may be small detail to you but to me it makes a big difference.

      The S9s pictures despite not being as sharp as the Pixel still look more higher quality to me because of the lack of noise in their pics.

      I’m no pro photographer but I’m just sharing my opinion.


      • Yeah, that’s fair enough. But what I have seen so far shows that chromatic aberration is an issue with the more open shutter on the S9. I’ll figure it out. I’m pre-ordering an S9 and have the Pixel here next to me 😀

  • Waqar Zahid

    Unlike most other people, I looked at the samples provided instead of looking at the score. To my professional opinion (I’m a wildlife photographer), the Samsung one has the best & most detailed picture quality out of the three (still miles away from a dedicated camera though), so based on that I’ll say that the overall score being higher than others is justified. At least until someone else releases a phone with a better camera.

    BTW, I’m not a Samsung fan. I use a Nikon D500 DSLR for photography & my current phone is a Essential Phone (i don’t use it for photography).

  • joeandmilly

    I would love if camera reviews started using a dedicated Nikon or Cannon DSLR to use as the control photo and see which one comes the closest. A camera that has the excellent color accuracy etc. We can always think which one looks best but since we are not there, we don’t know what is the actual color of her coat, her hair, etc. etc. but in any case did anyone else notice that the iPhone X all the outdoor photos have an agressive warm color temp to it. To warm to the point it almost takes on the look of a vintage photo from the 60’s and 70’s.

    • Real Warder

      If they compared against a DSLR you’d see just how “poor” all these phone cameras really are. Nothing can beat a massive lens and large sensor.

      The miracle is how good these phones do with some tiny optics and sensors, so comparing against each other as they push the limits of physics and algorithms is what matters.

    • Moisés

      I agree… S7 has even warmer color than iphone.

  • JCFan1979

    Yep, I’m going to be that guy. None of these files look as clean as the Lumia 950/XL. I’m sorry it really is better. More detail and less noise and better balance. The lens is tack sharp too. Sure it’s not as fast to focus and is behind the times with the modern gimmicks but it simply takes a better shot without all the over processing current phones do. Also, the iPhone looks horrific in most photos. The smeary look just is awful so you can never crop. The Pixel 2 is waaaay over hyped looking at these photos. Yikes!

  • Pranav Agarwal

    On camparing with Pixel 2 which had an overall score of 99: The video scores itself are better hands down! Further even in Photo scores, everyone should decide if they would rather have better Exposure/Contrast, Color, Autofocus and Texture in their pics or better Bokeh and Zoom. I believe DXOMark should fix their calculation of weighted scores to arrive at the overall score

  • Harbir Sharma

    I think they should compare Exynos & Snapdragon version separately ….The image sensor in the Galaxy S8 (Snapdragon variant) was the Sony-made IMX 333 while the Exynos came with Samsung’s own ISOCELL technology S5K2L2 image sensor which was bigger & better.

    • Moisés

      Both have 7.07mm ( 1/2.5″)

      • itanium

        And? Same sensor size doesn’t mean that the produced image quality will be the same as well.

        • Moisés

          No way on earth an isocell will be better than exmor rs

  • priyansh sharma

    In bokeh department Pixel 2 still looks like a leader from samples to me.

    • CeeEye

      Bokeh is very subjective though, right?

  • Dimitris Abrazis

    Why there is no EXIF in the photos? Are you sure that these were taken from the Galaxy S9+. In other cases the Exif was there…

    • DaCatMan

      OoOoOoOoOo conspiracy theory~

  • Moisés

    I come here since 2016 to read reviews. They are very useful. But I have some critics …

    I honestly don’t like new protocol. Not fair to compare zoom and bokeh. Optical zoom is hardware. The primary cam still has digital zoom and wider lens.
    Even using same phone, both cams give different results.
    The primary cam of S9+ will performe the same of S9, but S9 will score way lower if they test. Image quality is same.
    A phone with single cam has to achive much higher score of AF, contrast, noise, color and artifacts to even points it will lose because of zoom.

    Some reviews are very complete with lots of samples and whole explanation. But some are very short. Like Moto Z2 Force and XZ Premium.

    Old protocol used to have pics taken at same locations for many devices. Very good to compare.

    • munkyboythethird

      I agree

    • Nuno Fernandes

      I agree! And I don’t get why do they insist in the zoom test that goes beyond the optical zoom. Those 4x samples are interpolated from the optical zoom, you can clearly see that it’s not only optical zoom. That’s ridiculous because they should be comparing optical performance (on the phones with optical zoom, of course) but instead they are comparing interpolation algorithms. That’s dumb and no one should use digital zoom because it sucks. Also, if they wanted to try the real potential of the sensor, why don’t they shoot raw (dng) and than you will have the real quality of the sensors. I know that the iPhones can’t shoot raw by default, but they can use some external app that will do it. Before DxOMark turned famous in the smartphone scene, they had some nice tests with DSLR’s and they always shot raw. I know that many people won’t shoot raw, but I do and I’d like to know which sensor and optics are the best and not which camera’s app has the best algorithm in hiding the sensor’s flaws.

    • David Muñoz González

      The issue with the zoom is that it will work fine for phones with 2x optical zoom, so for example, phones like the LG V30 that have the second lense as a wide angle, get so much lower scored, and the wide angle doesn’t contribute to anything in the score.

  • Od1sseas

    Pixel has an amazing camera but the design of the phone is disgusting.

  • Arnas

    I know next best score. Pixel XL 3 100 points. Remember it.

  • Alexandre Cavalcante

    What ??? hahahahaha Pixel is better ….. that it

    • dzsozi30

      Are you blind? Pixel is garbage. Especially in low-light, zoom and bokeh.

  • Mohammad Deoun

    The RED Hydorgan phone will most likely beat this!

    • CeeEye

      Not if it is never released…

  • hekmat shammout

    I would agree to most points. But since when has the Exynos become superior to Snapdragon??
    Since you have no idea about the chipsets, this will undermine the credibility of your comment.
    Have a nice day.

    • Ioannis Makridis

      Exynos has been the better chip since note 4. In terms of both performance as well as battery. The only part were snapdragon has a very slight edge is gpu performance but then again we are talking about a difference that is not noticeable.

      • das

        since the galaxy s3 actually,thats why the usa version had 1gb more ram than the exynos version to make it more ” fair ” for the usa consumer

    • Tae-Hoon Kim

      I can say that Exynos is better than Snapdragon in term of performance and “less heat” than snapdragon.

  • Jm

    The regular Pixel 2 don’t have no display issues. Don’t mistaken it with the Pixel 2 XL

  • Luc

    whats the maximum iso and the lowest shutter speed ? can it expose 10 seconds like the s7 or more ?

    • Marcos Freitas

      I think the lowest shutter speed is 30 seconds, but im note sure… I read this somewhere…

      • Luc

        man they do so much testing and cant even tell us about those basic things smh

        • CeeEye

          They can, but are keeping in mind the difference between a review and the spec sheet for the phone, which is written by Samsung.

          • Luc

            i dont see anything about shutter speed or iso on the samsung website. it would be a 30 second thing to look it up in pro mode on the s9. if the max. iso is still at 800 like the galaxy s7 the low light video would not be that much better.
            the next step for the mobile phone companys is to put a higher iso in the camera. mainly for the video camera. dont know if they can do this at the small sensor size, but it would improve low light alot. i wish for a complete manual video mode where you can controll shutter speed iso and (aperture) arperture isnt that important on mobile phones but the other things would be great. i can do this on my small digital camera too. lowest shutter speed in video mode is 1/4 and max iso is 12.800, with that settings you can see everything at night, exposure for pictures in my camera is infinte (bulb mode) ! i would like to have this on mobile phones too.

            if they are serious about the cameras then thats the NEXT STEP !! not some shi tty emotji modes that you use 2-3 days.

        • Marcos Freitas

          Yes! That’s very very bad.

  • Robert Croll

    People need to chill out. They are all great phone camera’s and very little separates them. So I guess now we wait and see what Google can do to beat the S9+ and then iPhone and then back to Samsung.

    • abhimanyu

      yeah just wait and see….just dont burn money on them 😉

  • Yogeshwaran Singaravelu

    Definitely something wrong with your unit og S9+.
    It has dual pixel autofocus which is the fastest.

  • Shazley Sahib

    Wow lots of butthurt Pixel fans. I’m using a Mate 10 and i’m not even mad. Tech progresses fast and each OEM software processes things differently. Surely the next Pixel will be even better and the cycle goes on. No need to get mad or bash lol.

    • DrewS.

      Yup, butt-hurt Pixel fans incoming. They have no claim-to-fame anymore, and I own a 2XL.

    • レム

      Yeah, I swear the huge influx of Google fanboys for the past year has been on par or even more obnoxious than Apple fanboys. Non-Pixel users can also download the Google camera port to get that precious software they’ve been so smug about.

      • Jimmyjayjohn

        emilia best girl

  • GCHQ
  • Mary Poopins

    Still laughing at the iPhone X at 5 lux crop sample. 😀

  • Axiph Aqbal

    love the Camera of Samsung s9 plus <3

  • Yuvaraj Murugan

    Ha ha ha I think Samsung link with Topaz Clean plug… It used for Photoshop noise reduction…
    Pixel Better I take pictures to sale on shutterstock

  • Kiran rathod

    There is so much room for pixel 3 to improve dual cam dual ois may be dual variable aperture and lowering the aperture
    Of main aperture from f 1.8 definitely it is not at it’s current best and difference is just 1 so next gen pixel will crush s9 plus.
    Wait Android fans it’s another good yr for smartphone cameras and so plus is all about cameras

  • Kiran rathod

    Plz release ratings of new Sony’s model


    limiited mobile in dxomark. please review this mobile camera xiaomi mi a1 and xiaomi redmio note 5 pro…

  • ThisOne’sNameIs

    The link on the photo with the window is broken. It leads to different photo.

  • David James

    Where are the nighttime shots and testing?

    • sparq00

      And I would like to see low light portraits 🙂

  • munkyboythethird

    I went and tested this in store today. Doesn’t match the Pixel 2, sorry. In fact, except in really low light, it behaves quite the same as the S8. This has its flaws: excellent noise reduction but blurred/fuzzed textures resulting in “smooth skin” (aka permanent beauty-mode) appearance. Also super prone to blur. I had to get the guy at the stand to stay absolutely still = long exposures to maximise light. Same old tricks, Samsung. I appreciate the Zoom and dynamic range and very low light performance is all surely improved but a great camera this is not. (I sold my S8 because of the same problems)

    • CeeEye

      Well – that certainly refutes the review. Very convincing. Well done!

      • munkyboythethird

        As a previously very disappointed Galaxy S8 owner, you really got to take these reviews with a pinch of salt. Best go try yourself

        • DrewS.

          I think I’d rather take your one person review with a pinch of salt, since it is all opinion and hearsay. I own the Pixel 2XL, S8+ and G6 and know what they are capable of.

          • munkyboythethird

            It’s not only my opinion though. But you know, go buy the S9 if it makes you happy. It’s good for many use-cases just not taking pics of kids (my primary use-case)

          • le_lutin

            My primary use case is also taking pics and videos of my kids. What would you recommend? I currently have an S7 Edge. The low light isn’t great, especially for video, where things get smudgy quite quickly.

          • munkyboythethird

            Yes my wife has the S7. It’s ok but nothing to write home about. I am a long-time Samsung owner. I had the original Galaxy and the S2. But the S7, S8 and now it seems the S9 do the following: (again this is specific to me because my kids have smooth, pale skin and move around a lot. YMMV) (1) fine texture on the face is just gone. So they have e.g. little freckles and whatever. Doesn’t show up on the new Samsungs due to aggressive noise reduction resulting in a very “ghost-like” texture. Interestingly my Galaxy S6 did NOT do this but seemed to start with the S7. (2) Blurs very easily with even subtle indoor movement. Kids really have to be quite still OR lighting has to be very good + outdoors. With the S8 I ended up snapping 4 pics every time I wanted to take a pic (I could because the shutter is basically lag-free) because of the high blur rate (3) Frequently over-exposes faces (again, they have very pale faces. With my wife and me who have less pale, more grizzled faces this is not a problem). I switched to the Pixel 2 and I have to say it is miles better in all these issues. It brings out very fine detail on faces (tiny freckles, little scar below my kid’s eye etc.) (PS: my wife doesn’t like this because you see all her pores and wrinkles), it never over-exposes and it is amazing at capturing still images in poor light without blur. This doesn’t mean it never blurs but it blurs significantly less and less frequently than both the Samsung and iPhones. My sister has the iPhone X by the way which I also find a very good camera and better than Samsung. I love the Pixel 2 though. The only downside is exposure can be a bit dark, and it sometimes adds (in my opinion) too much noise in poor light. But these are trade-offs I’ll take. The other downside it the display and design are not as good as Samsung but they are not bad.

          • le_lutin

            Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I will definitely take a look at the Pixel 2.

          • munkyboythethird

            Pleasure! I’m not a fanboy at all. I’d by an iPhone or a Xiaomi if the camera was the best

          • le_lutin

            I am in the same boat. Camera is No. 1 priority.

          • Hi HI

            If camera is #1 priority, then you can’t go wrong with the Pixel 2. The Pixel Visual Core is constantly getting software updates and will only make the camera better and better over time

          • kiddlattimer

            Thank you for posting this. I’ve been debating between S9 and Pixel 2, but I have 3 young kids and blur is a major problem for me with my iPhone.

            Regarding the fine texture – I noticed this in a few sample shots coming out of MWC… everyone looked like they had shiny smooth skin

          • munkyboythethird

            I went and took a comparison shot in store today, same position and light. I’ll post it so you can see

          • kiddlattimer

            That would be great! I’m new to the site though, can you post it here in the comments or somewhere else? Really appreciate the effort!

          • munkyboythethird

            I can’t seem to post images. I’ll try put it on blogger or something…

          • kiddlattimer

            Ah gotcha If its helpful I use the same handle on Reddit… if not dont sweat it I appreciate the info either way!

          • munkyboythethird

            I sent you a pm on Reddit, let me know if you get it

          • PaulJazz24

            Agreed. But this is the age of “oversaturated-overexposed-overprocessed-overHDR” and people can’t stand a realistic image anymore. They all want to shoot, look and say “wow! such juicy colors!”
            I still think Pixel2 has the best light-shadows ratio. Any picture taken with a Samsung Galaxy, it is just too hdr to me. (by the way, I’m a happy owner of a Samsung S7).

          • munkyboythethird

            Yes that’s true. In the Instagram are people actually pay money for filters that ruin shots imo

          • dazed1

            You are aware that the store models, have like 3 grams grease on the lenses right?

          • munkyboythethird

            I went on three separate days and tried with the demo phones they out there to show off the photography. Pixel 2 smoked it

          • dazed1
          • munkyboythethird

            You can believe whatever you want I’m simply stating my observations .After the debacle that was the S8, Samsung will have to work hard to win me back

        • CeeEye

          I have had every note made, and an S7 while waiting for the new Note.
          No complaints whatever.

    • Muhammad Rian Ardian

      Well..keep it in mind that retail display has different results with the ones you would get…I tried and compared the s8 between the display store and my own, and my own was a tad better…how could that be? So, better trust this dxomark or you buy and try it for yourself…
      P.S: store display is made for just a demo, it can’t be justified to do a comparison.. you get better results on the real ones you buy. And I think the S8 and S9 isn’t really that bad..

      • Muhammad Rian Ardian

        I also don’t feel the dxomark tested it with the original and optimized one…maybe it’s a devunit or demo unit?? Who knows??

      • munkyboythethird

        No I had a retail S8 I bought myself. The S9 I did just try in the store but I mean it’s the same hardware? They even have like a little photo test thing there you can play with to see how good the camera is so I’m pretty sure it’s close to final if not release firmware

      • Kefu Zhu

        Also, different models of S9 (Exynos or Snapdragon) may have slightly different camera modules. Don’t know about S9, but I tried the camera on the Exynos variant into a Snapdragon mobo for S4 and vice versa, both case give camera failure.

    • Jason

      I’d rather trust a dedicated camera testing site than a person who judges the device by using it in a store…

      • munkyboythethird

        Then do that

        • Jason

          You as well

    • dazed1

      Oh yes, the store is the ultimate smartphone comparasion, especially on 6” screen, LMAO.

      • munkyboythethird

        Yes the difference in detail is apparent even there ,but I looked on my monitor at work too

  • MasterElwood

    How do you do the video testing? what settings? 1080p? UHD? Just OIS or with EIS on? HDR on/off/auto?

  • Tibor Hornyák

    I have zoomed on the pictures. and this is not what I have expected after 99 points….

    maybe SW related, but I think not. I have seen on Xperia XZ premium such as much blur and incorrect images on the corners, too

    only colours are perfect, maybe

  • Mike

    Why do people get so worked up about phone cameras? If you’re serious about good photos just buy a real camera? Like the Sony Alpha series?

    • Bryan Butterfield

      I’m a full time professional photographer. The best camera is the one you have with you. The phone can be used for certain types work. So I agreea with you about having a camera. But it is great to see phones that preform well.

    • Ah Soon

      Because not all people want that bulky camera, sometime I just want point and shoot, multi function that DLSR did’nt offer.
      Only pro photograph buy DLSR, for normal consumer, smartphone is enough.

    • Kalin Apsu

      Hang on, let me go get my typewriter to reply to you properly.

  • John

    Too many brand loyal twats that act like Google birthed their first child.

  • Rama Prem

    s9 plus real beast!!!!

    • Hi HI

      Then the Pixel 3 comes out and kicks the hell out of the S9 teehee

  • PaulJazz24

    I love the Galaxy series but I really can’t see a single shot where Samsung S9 rules here (low light conditions aside). Almost any picture in these samples shows the Google Pixel 2 is the best camera. Samsung shots are always over exposed and fake looking.

    • Justformedia Justformedia

      What the hell are you talking …in some cases Pixel is under iPhone X also…pictures are over processed and contrasted in order to “catch the details”, are darker and missing detail.
      Anyway nice e review and overall performance of compared cameras is impressive.

    • Hi HI

      Honestly the Pixel 2 is still much better than the S9 in terms of everything except probably zoom and noise (where the Pixel 2 lacks hardware)

      • dazed1

        Thanks for the laugh.

    • dazed1

      LOL another blind one.

  • dataminer49er

    OK, I’m more convinced that Samsung is getting serious about their cameras. The adjustable F-stop is definitely a plus to me. I don’t see it mentioned but I assume the camera can shoot in raw mode. Raw would help me get rid of the fringing and deal with artifacts better. Still dislike the curved display, but the S9+ check ever other requirement I have including high end audio and micro SD slot.

    • TrannyBane

      agree. decided it was a big enough upgrade to move on from my S7

  • Aaron

    I never thought these phone cameras with the tiny sensors they have would get to this level, I’m definitely surprised. Judging from the pics above, the iPhone X and Pixel still have some areas where they look terrible, ie. lots of jpeg compression artifacts and the like. The S9+ looks like a decent hand held (non-DSLR) replacement. Since my S6 died yesterday morning I put in a pre-order for the S9+ today, hoping to try it out soon. They say it should arrive on/before March 14th, we’ll see.

  • vnrgoli

    Are you kidding. I did not see any beauty in it compared to Galaxy s7 edge gold.
    BTW did they fix the root cause for BSoD in S7 edge? What if it shows up in S9? And brick S9??
    Sure those funky features with phone cameras are salivating. Then again, no use if S9 is bricked like its precursor S7 edge.

    • das


  • Lam

    Should put a real dslr pic in for bokeh mode comparison to see which camera simulates depth of field the best. The pixel 2 looks a bit weird to me. It’s the sharpest of the lot but some of the tall grass are still in focus, but I could be wrong. That is why a real bokeh image would help. But the pixel looks the best in the second set of indoor bokeh images with the female model.

    • das

      no need rreally ,just depends which outlines the subject the best

  • Arkadhana Arsitek

    yess, now samsung is smart enough to reduce its oversharpened images, especially when capturing trees and bushes. the image looks sharp yet natural.
    congrats samsung !

  • Alex Norris

    Portraits from S9 are not detailed and with yellow skin tones. Pixel photos with more pleasant tones and I don`t understand why S9, bypassed Pixel. Probably, the Koreans carried the suitcase more …)

  • Kram Sacul

    S9, Pixel 2, iPhone X… they all look good. Despite what some page shills say I think you’ll be happy with whatever you choose.

  • Dan

    Hmm… Based on how full resolution photos look on my 4K monitor, I can say that more often than not, Samsung photos have less details and less contrast than Google Pixel and iPhone X. Faces on Samsung photos are oversaturrated and artificially softened, resulting in loss of details. Face photos are CLEARLY inferior to Google Pixel, but maybe it’s intentional because people like how their skin looks on Samsung (i.e. “Photoshopped”). Anyway, it’s a great camera, but not really improvement over what Pixel 2 and iPhone X already offer.

    • Nymenon

      The biggest difference is in low light. The S9 just destroys the Pixel 2. See it here:

      • 2eyesee

        Not just low light either. Your link shows the S9 with better detail and less noise in the shadows compared to the Pixel 2.

    • dazed1

      You are literally blind, no doubt.

      • Dan

        Last time I checked my vision, my eyesight was 150% of normal, so no – you are not right. Do you think that DXOMARK reviewer is blind as well? Galaxy S9 camera outperformed Pixel 2 by one point in total score, mostly due to significant advantage earned in “zoom” category (65 points vs 32) and noise category (no doubt, due to larger aperture). Actually, without Pixel’s “zoom” handicap, Samsung Galaxy S9 camera would not be even close to Pixel 2 in total score. And no, I am not Pixel 2 owner/fanboy, I use iPhone 6s.

        • dazed1
          • Dan

            The first example is taken in extremely low light conditions, and I already stated that Samsung’s low-light photos are way better due to bigger aperture which captures more light. In another example, you compare two zoomed-out pictures, where I also stated they cannot really compare in zooming (Pixel is single-lens camera with software zoom only).

          • dazed1

            So it loses in zoom, and it loses in low light, gotcha. Now lets see about details/dynamics in bright light shall we?


            or This


          • Dan

            Let’s be serious. If you want to discuss, please provide untouched, full-size pictures please, not resized photos and crops without EXIF. I don’t even know which photo is taken by which camera. Also, if possible, at least 3-4 shots taken by two cameras that you want people here to compare and make their judgments.

          • dazed1

            You kidding right? the photos i posted are literally exact same from this article, i just downloaded them, cropped so you can judge at once, and i also pointed in paint where the Pixel fail short, so you wont be biased by the more pleased colors, artificial contrast and sharpening boost of pixel. You know its over, when Samsung, which has usually weak dynamic range, beats the best in the filed in that category, like in the shadows of the foliage.

            I just made it easier to compare, if you want the full pictures here they are,



            S9 plus


          • Dan

            OMG, you actually used THESE samples to prove that S9 camera provides better dynamic range? 🙂 Man, I actually think that you don’t even understand what dynamic range is. Sorry, I won’t bother continuing this discussion.

          • dazed1

            You have no idea what you are talking about – the “issue” of the little over-exposed image of S9 plus is EASILY fixable, (drop the exposure even in auto mode) the lack of shadow detail/detail on the Pixel photo you cannot fix!

            You also cannot fix,

            Low light

            Better try next time.

          • 2eyesee

            @dazed1: Thanks for all the links you provided – it confirms what I’ve seen in my own analysis of Pixel 2 images from other sources. Even compared to the Galaxy S8, Pixel 2 images can look very soft – almost as if out of focus – even compared to the Galaxy S8. I suspect this could be due to image stacking from HDR+. This also seems to make Pixel 2 shots often exhibit a lot of shadow noise.

            HDR+ in Pixel 2 can do a great job in high contrast scenes, but the resulting soft images and noisy shadows often leave me preferring shots from the Galaxy S8 or HTC U11 – and of course here with the Galaxy S9.

          • das

            get over yourself dan ,pixel 2 is old and beaten nothing about it is better than the s9 for the same price ,its display is inferior ,inferior camera ,the s9 has dolby surround speakers now and a headphone jack and better battery and fast wireless charging and a faster SoC and more storage of minimal 128gb on the s9+

          • Dan

            By the way, this specific DXOMARK review is really disappointing – in very few examples they really compared Samsung S9 photos with iPhone X and Pixel 2. They mostly provide only Samsung photo samples and draw conclusions from them. Apart from that, some of the full-size Samsung photos used as illustrations are stripped of EXIF information (!), which is extremely unusual for a camera review article.

    • das

      must suck being a pixel fanboy that lost to a superior product n =o ?

  • Stefan L

    Dxomark is clearly wrong this time since Google Pixel 2 still takes better photos than S9+ in most scenarios, the first two zoom photos (on S9+) clearly show that her face is overexposed and lost in details and appear more yellowish (S9+) and doesn’t look natural at all. Both iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 takes better photos than S9+ in these instances.

    • Rowan H

      the pictures of the pixel 2 are sometimes way too dark and has more noise and iPhone X does that too.

    • das

      dont be a butthurt fanboy stefan ,s9 won get over it

  • Emmanuel Alexandre Tavares

    I still prefer Pixel 2 in portraits. Look to the girl. About sharpness, my old LG G4 is much better..

  • Ben Ng

    I don’t know man… Pixel 2 colors and contrast are still better than other two competitors… Samsung s9 appeared yellowish and color seems like washed out.

    • Rowan H

      the pictures of the pixel 2 are sometimes way too dark and has more noise. And look at Zoom(65) why does the black lines have colors like purple and green? The pixel 2’s camera is overrated. It is realy good but the s9 takes the better photo’s. Don’t be mad. Look forward to the Pixel 3 😉

    • das

      nothing is worse than a sore loser fanboy ben

      • Nikola Puljecovic

        @disqus_k3tsv7iTDe:disqus Leading idiot. You are NOOB man. Shut up please

        • das

          s9 is faster than iphone

  • Rowan H

    I think the s9 shoots better pictures and videos than the google pixel. But I don’t look a the scores they give it. The s7 for example has according to dxomark a better camera over the s8. Which isn’t true.

  • Haralson

    1 point higher. An improvement that will be quickly overshadowed by newer devices releasing this year.

    • Muhammad Rian Ardian

      Yeah absolutely..including the note 9 that will beat the hell out of those that stand in its way Lmao

  • Niteesh

    Oh Guys please stop it. Pixel 2 xl is last years phone, S9 is current year’s phone. so definitely has a better camera than pixel. I think they would have considered 4k 60fps and 960fps slo mo for video scores.
    About the photos what I see is Pixel has a good Camera but cant really keep up with sharpness and low light capabilities of the S9 plus’s f1.5 lens, why would you guys think f1.5 lens and f1,8 lens will give the same result? better the f stop is better are the results.
    Even Samsung S9 would be a great upgrade for a Pixel 2 xl user. Newer chip set, better Camera, more ram, headphone Jack, better build quality, better screen, better water resistance, better design, wireless charging makes S9 a better buy than pixel 2 .
    Only the area where pixel is better is in Software updates. but s9 supports project treble so we can expect faster updates from Samsung this time.

  • Muhammad Rian Ardian

    Tech development will never will repeatably develop develop and develop to newer and better ones. You can’t escape that, face it. The S9 now is the KING…but Remember, “KING is not forever, THERE WILL BE SOMEONE THAT WILL TAKE THE CROWN”.
    It’s ironic on how people reacted to this S9. The comment is rising up everyday and hour. What a bunch of whiners!
    I looked at the other dxomark phone reviews, none of them would care enough.

  • This is stupid, your “overall” score means nothing.
    See the full results of the S9 vs Pixel 2 and you’ll find out that the Pixel is much better in every aspect that counts. The S9 got its lead from 2 parameters – the optical zoom, and the “noise” levels (because samsung uses intensive denoise to kills all the noise, along with all the details…).

    • Nymenon

      The noise reduction is due to larger aperture and multi-frame processing. See the Pixel 2 vs S9 in low light here:

    • Dear Omri,
      We decided to do a massive change to our set of tests measuring Zoom performance and Bokeh quality because we thought that it was necessary to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation in smartphone cameras. Consequently, we have overhauled and expanded our DxOMark Mobile with two new sub-scores join our existing Photo sub-scores to create the new overall Photo score. Nevertheless, DxOMark scores are a tool for our readers, like you, and each of you have a different expectation for using a device. If some sub-scores are not important to you, then, of course, don’t worry about those sub-scores, without focusing on the overall score and instead rely on our other sub-scores you are interested in. Regards

      • GCHQ

        New test but with THE PIXEL VISUAL CORE ACTIVATED !

        • Get Help 👁️ 🐏

          Doesn’t do anything for the main camera app. On;y in third party apps.

      • Evan Stueve

        Would you agree with the macro verdict of the scores between the two phones? I’m looking at both the Pixel XL and S9 for my upgrade. The camera difference will help weigh my decision; it does seem odd to me that S9 scored higher but the XL still seems better in more important categories. What’s (your) personal opinion on this, flodxomark?

  • Hugo Hügel

    good test!

  • Aldrin Nofies

    Where is SONY XPERIA XZ2??? This review is Biased

    not to mention the latest Flagship of SONY. 🙁

  • Steve Bingham

    The one factor not measured is the ability of ANY smart phone screen to be seen in full sun. THAT’s what is keeping smart phones from completely dominating cameras.

  • Get Help 👁️ 🐏

    Mmmm foxy redhead.

  • Arun MR

    Please add sony xperia z2 review

    • Hello, we’ll review this mobile as soon as we can, but can only advise you to stay tuned, as we’re not communicating about the roadmap in advance.
      Thank you for your understanding and patience.
      Best regards,

  • Timi Akinlonu

    I hope Samsung do listen to DxoMark and addresses most if not all of the cons before the release like the fringing mainly and the loss of sharpness and exposure but overall it does match pixel. And front camera needs better HDR cos it does blow out a lot of the sky sometimes but in low light it is good. I’d defiintely be using pro mode on the camera cos ISO can be controlled as well as shutter speed even whilst recording

  • Aakash Amar

    Common guys S9 plus is ahead of pixel 2 in just two aspects of photo scores, noise and bokeh. It is also ahead in zoom capabilities but that cannot be considered as pixel 2 doesnt have a secondary lense and its photos still look much better with proper colour representation. S9 plus’s photos are too bright and saturated. They look unnatural.

  • Vinicius De Lima Jendiroba

    Test Zenfone 5 Please? Ty

  • Freddy

    Can you do a review for Meizu M6 Note?

  • Larry Applegate

    Are we looking at the same pictures or is this just bias?
    First set of pictures: S9 blurry and redshifted, Apple highest detail but too much contrast, google the winner
    Second set: google an obvious winner again you cant even debate that one!
    Keep going and it seems to me that google won the lions share of those snaps. There seems to be more noise for google and the photo with the bank note was a complete flop, but I don’t think it was all song and praise for the S9 I think it is just best at being an all rounder.

  • Bazzwell

    Personally I feel it is as you would expect, the newer tech scores higher. Having said that I was expecting better results from the S9 in some of these examples it is arguable that the S9 was bested, I just expected more. It is worth noting that if you there to put all three of these phone in the hands of a competent photographer in real world situations, you would not be able to see between all three phones. what I do think is this, these test has shown is if you buy a galaxy phone for photography you would be just as well buying the S8 with its huge savings…

  • Arun MR

    How long should we wait for Sony’s Xperia XZ2 and Compact results?

  • Moisés

    Hope they also include for video the quality of sound recorded.

    So far there is Sony , Htc and the rest.

  • Найден Добреков

    Where is a new galaxy s8 review dxomark?

    • Hello, Given our limited resources, we prioritize new models for release and there are many to come. Then, we won’t probably retest the Samsung Galaxy S8 with our new DxOMark mobile protocol. Regards

  • Gabe Flxtcher

    i’m still using Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and i think it is time to change my phone. My phone is really outdated and low budget phones in 2018 are better than Z3. The screen is broken but I use Google Assistant & Vysor to cope with the problem.

  • Juan cruz

    Can you please make a review for the s8/s8+ camera!

  • nirmal

    Waiting for Nokia 8 Sirocco and Nokia 7 Plus reviews

    • Klunst

      Do you honestly think that the results on the Sirroco will skyrocket compared with the standard edition ?

  • Siddanagowda Dandagihalli

    Samsung Galaxy S9+ front camera it’s can’t comparable Google pixel 2 just Chick it properly I don’t know how you people is given 99 I checked front and back both camera one point ok but detail picture Pixel2 is best even you can check your images on floor details and colors

  • Dali Lama

    Here we are again in this endless. Copy cat Sammy loop, Another attempt to copy and not set any trend but copy away and market as original. Like seeing a cheap Hyundai Genesis etc. From stealing Apples lock screen interface, then Sony’s water IP ratings, to Apple dual camera, to countless gimmicks down to exploding phones and arrest of the heir and board president for condoning this currupted activity. Samsung is a joke brand stands for imitation. I see Sams**t phones it makes my stomach turn. Why the F) $@ doesn’t Apple Sony or even Black Berry lol Run some Steve Jobs like commercials and campaign against Samshit and expose them! Apple ran billions in marketing vicious ads to dethrone MS. ‘I’m Mac im a PC’? Sega was bad ass also in its hay day. Now It’s all about geeky garbage adds and hip hop coolness factor and market flooding with s**t . Steve Jobs would not stand for this Bulls**t. Sony once admired by the great is now full of skirt wearing bean counters. Although they did have to battle MS also in the video game arena and won, and lost tons of cash. Sony needs to stand the f#& up represent innovation and tear down this embarrassing clone brand .

    • Thierry Tetra

      Are you serious ? “From stealing Apples…dual camera” : Fonctionnal: Huawei/LG G5 beginning 2016, zoom x2 : Note 8 09/2017 …i-Phone X 11/2017 !
      Who stole who ?

      • Moisés

        Iphone 7+ has 2x optical zoom.

    • grayisagirl c

      I agree with some of your points but, dual camera, stolen from Apple? Seriously? HTC and LG are ahead of this dual camera setup Sir

    • Cortizone

      And yet Apple now has large screen smartphones.

    • Jamesgamo

      Man you need to chill and stop telling bullsh**t xD 😉

  • Найден Добреков

    I do not think this is objective … I thought you professional …

  • アルタイル 軍服の姫君

    Samsung galaxy S9 pls score?

  • i can see the google pixel 2 has amazing picture quality and of course much cheaper

  • Ruy Penalva

    I will await the S10 then!

  • ri2do

    sponsored review

  • Jonathan Rae Crisanto

    Please review more lenses and cameras. There are so much lenses that haven’t been tested yet while a newly released phone already have one

    • Hello Jonathan. No worries, there are more lenses and cameras on your way. Thank you for your patience.

      • andQlimax

        why s8 plus, last year phone, was not tested?

  • Geesha Gehan Anurad

    Waiting for the Xperia XZ2 camera review… 😮

  • william

    just wait for pixel 3, the sammy price drops $100+

  • Gary Bob

    At least the iPhone x has a top-notch display…Er, a display with a notch at the top

  • I’d love to see some raw files instead. Those JPG composites lose so much detail and turning everything into mush that photos look like an oil painting. Rather have a bit more noise than that garbage.

  • Ver

    I am noticing over exposure and over sharpening in a lot of the S9 photos. I though the Pixel did better in some occasions.

  • Shee Cheat Law

    waiting how much mark on S9 with one len!!!

  • Liquid Soul

    How much S9, non Plus
    and Sony XZ2

  • disqus_y2SgcNFHA0

    Samsung S9 Plus BEST SMARTPHONE

  • Francisco Marin

    There’s something in the way Samsung phones process jpegs that doesn’t make me see the appeal of their results. Low levels of noise are pretty much because of their abuse of noise reduction which make the pcitures look like oil paintings sometimes, then compensated with the oversharpened previews in the phone’s gallery (stop doing that Samsung, please!) And the colors… ugh! those fluorescent greens and red in their previous models looked awful to me, good to see they improved the color science a bit. That being said, it’s still one of bests out there, and the score is fairly correct. But the Pixel 2 is still the king for me, the images that phone produces are still the most pleasantly looking amongst all the top phone cameras in my opinion and I repeat, just my opinion.

  • JJ S

    Guys, I’ve just tested S9+ against S8 in low light conditions and…it S8 wins!!!
    I am totally wasted as I paid nearly 1000 EUR and I am going to have a worse camera?!

    The photos were send to 4 different persons for blind test and 4/4 pointed out S8 as a clear winner!

  • Black Panther

    Pixel 2 wins for me. Accurate exposure and color balance, lots of detail.

  • KayEss

    Can you turn off the awful skin tone smooting effect on the samsung? I like the zoom capabilities but the “beautification” that erases a persons face is too creepy for me

  • Arcadiani

    Does this review also apply for the s9 (not plus)?Do they have the same camera performance?

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