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Pentax 645Z Preview – Pentax’s ‘affordable’ medium-format digital SLR gets an upgrade

Pentax have launched the 645Z medium-format digital SLR, featuring a new 51.4Mp CMOS sensor. Priced at £7,699, including a 55mm f/2.8 lens, it doesn’t cost much more than some pro 35mm DSLRs, but does ...

Best Primes on a budget for the Nikon D3300

We’ve tested the new 24-Mpix Nikon D3300 with more than 140 Nikkor and third-party prime and zoom models to assess image quality. Read onto find out which of these lenses have the best image ...

Nikkor AF-S DX 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3G ED VR Preview – A new Super Zoom for Nikon DX Shooters

Nikon have launched a new 18-300mm super zoom lens for their DX format Digital SLR cameras. Weighing around 1/3rd less than its predecessor and featuring Nikon’s VR, or Vibration Reduction, image stabilising system, could ...

Best lenses on a budget for the Nikon D3300: Best Zooms

We’ve tested the new 24-Mpix Nikon D3300 with more than 140 Nikkor and third-party prime and zoom models to assess image quality. Read onto find out which of these lenses have the best image ...

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 sensor test: Heavyweight contender


Panasonic GH series of micro four-thirds cameras are some of the best all-round video and stills hybrid solutions currently available. Read on to find out how the new 4K capable Four Thirds sensor in ...

Sony A7S Preview – A low resolution marvel for low-light & video?

Sony has expanded its range of full-frame mirrorless cameras with the launch of the Sony A7S. Joining the Sony A7 and A7R, the new A7S offers a lower resolution 12.2Mp sensor with an ISO ...

Nikon 1 J4 Preview – Nikon overhaul their entry-level mirrorless camera

Hot on the heels of the Nikon 1 V3 launched last month, Nikon have just unveiled a new model in their consumer orientated J range of mirrorless hybrid cameras. With many features from the ...

Sony A6000 sensor test: Little wonder


The Sony Alpha A6000 is a revision of the earlier NEX-6 featuring a new 24-Mpix APS-C sensor and on-sensor phase-detection AF with improved coverage. Read on to find out how the new model performs. ...

Sony Xperia Z2 overview: Revised model takes first place in Mobile rankings


Sony’s waterproof Xperia Z1 impressed us with its image quality but can this reimagined version, the Xperia Z2, improve enough to challenge the 37-Mpix Nokia Lumia Pureview models and the Apple iPhone 5S? Read ...

Sony FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS lens test: Classy contender


One of the four lenses announced at the time of the introduction of the Sony A7 and A7R, this high-grade G-series telephoto zoom looks like a promising addition to the range. Read on to ...

Samyang 16mm F2.0 ED AS UMC CS Sony mount lens test: Performance on a budget


After reviewing the intriguing Samyang APS-C only 24mm equivalent 16mm f2.0 in Canon mount we’ve moved our attention to the Sony Alpha mount model. Read on to find out how this version performs. ...

Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM C Canon mount lens test: Worthy upgrade?


As part of new global update program, Sigma is revamping their complete range. Can this revised APS-C only all-in one compete with rival offerings from the camera maker’s? Read on to find out. ...

Nikon Coolpix P340 sensor test: Modest revamp


After a fairly substantial upgrade from the P310 to the P330, this new model is a far less extravagant refresh.  Read on to find out how it performs. ...

Samsung NX 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 ED OIS lens test: Pick of the range?


As one of the earlier adopters of the mirrorless design for compact camera bodies, Samsung has amassed a wide range lenses. The stabilized 18-200mm is one of their earlier models but does it have ...

Nokia Lumia 1520 sensor test: Pushing the boundaries?


Nokia has decided to take on rivals with larger screens but, with its smaller 4.3 x 5.8mm 20-Mpix CMOS sensor, can this model resoundingly beat them in image quality?  Read on to find out. ...

Samyang 16mm F2.0 ED AS UMC CS lens test: A worthy contender


Samyang is earning a reputation for good quality yet sensitively priced, high-speed full-frame manual focus primes. Can this new APS-C only 24mm equivalent model offer similar value and optical quality? Read on to find ...

Canon EOS 1200D sensor test: Rebel with a cause?


With an 18-Mpix CMOS sensor the Canon EOS 1200D, otherwise known as the Rebel T5 in the US and Kiss X70 in Asia, is the latest entry-level model DSLR from the maker. Read on ...

Nikon 1 V3 sensor test: Ahead by design?


After the initial interest surrounding the original Nikon 1 V1 and the somewhat lackluster follow-up to that in the form of the Nikon 1 V2, the firm has introduced, arguably, the most exciting looking ...

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