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The DXOMARK Speaker test protocol evaluates performance across a range of representative use cases, such as Relaxing, Party, Bedtime, and Movies, and assigns scores to each relevant audio quality attribute based on the speaker’s impact on the consumer experience.

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Yandex Station Speaker review: Loud but not refined


The Yandex Station is the Russian search giant’s 2018 entry in the wireless speaker market. To operate it, you need a Yandex subscription for movie and music streaming and other services, and fluency in Russian. ...

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker HD Speaker review: Impressive for the price


The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker HD is the brand’s 2018 entry in the wireless speaker market, meant to go woofer-to-woofer against other big-brand competitors, though it has been primarily aimed toward Chinese-speaking consumers. A minimalist ...

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker Battery Edition Speaker review: Good performance, low price


The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker Battery Edition, released officially on November 1st, is a small, low-cost entry in the wireless speaker market in China. It has one 2.5-inch 12W speaker and a streaming light display ...

Baidu Xiaodu Smart Speaker Ultimate Edition Speaker review: Struggles at playback


After having launched the highly intriguing Raven H smart speaker in 2017 and reportedly selling a disappointing number of units, Baidu went to the other extreme. In June 2018, the Chinese company released the Xiaodu, ...

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